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“they don’t have guys in the back end that can take away the opponent’s No. 1 receiving option” Has this dude even been watching Georgia play? Or even know who Deandre Baker is? I won’t argue too much with the other points, but saying we don’t have a shut down corner hurts his credibility.
If Roquan is still available at 27, at least 17 other teams need new prospect evaluators.
I understand that. My original brain fart led me to believe that he could take a redshirt because I thought he was saying he could play in 2022. But he (theoretically) will have graduated the summer before that 2022 season. But my other points are still valid. He still may be open to a redshirt.
My bad, good call. I was going off of when the seasons start instead of graduation dates. It’s Monday. Either way, a red-shirt is a real possibility.
There is actually a decent chance Fields red-shirts as long as he isn't forced into action. His family has repeatedly said they are open to the idea and that after doing some research, they found out that several upper-tier NFL QB's had a red-shirt year in college. On top of that-- interpret it how you like-- but Fields' Twitter bio says UGA class of '22. Unless he's bad at math, that could indicate he's openly headed for a red-shirt season.
We have the number 1 and 2 receivers both committed for 2019, with a solid chance to get the top two guards this year. Not to mention potentially getting the number 3 RB this year along with Zeus. In a few years, Lord willing, this offfense will be lethal.
On top of that, Malcolm Mitchell tore his ACL celebrating the first touchdown in the first quarter of the first game of the 2013 season. I cringe every time I see players go up for a celebration. It just takes one awkward landing.
I'm not saying he's lying, but there's three sides to every story...
I'm not sure if this is a weak attempt to troll, but please elaborate on how a class that hasn't even fully gotten to campus yet is a bust.
You forgot "11. Georgia's entire 2013 class."
Yeah, shouldn't have called you that. That's my bad. Either way, I respectfully agree to disagree.
Also you seem to think this happens every day. It isn't like grabbing someone's butt is the new way to greet someone. People don't walk around constantly doing it just because. It just happens on occasion.
I never said I "liked it," and it isn't my fault you both apparently think that I meant that an appropriate response to someone doing that is to turn around and smile and say thank you. No, an appropriate response would be to turn around and shove them into a locker and/or slap them upside the head, and then go on about your day. But apparently that would then be classified as assault. It's all just messing with each other. Go crawl back into your safe space you liberals.
I'm so happy to see someone actual say what they mean and not just say what the PR people want in order to save face. This is ridiculous. This type of stuff happens all the time in locker rooms and between teammates. In fact, much, much worse things happen that would probably make most of you people's heads explode if you heard it. It's just messing around. Gosh people get offended by the simplest stuff nowadays.
S.E.C. Snob, thank you as well, although I don't entirely disagree with the Mixon's actions. As my other reply to SEC-OND TO NONE indicates.
Thank you. It's not like he jumped on top of her and started beating her. If it would've been a guy, no one would've batted an eye. Or maybe he's suspended for what? One game? Women shouldn't get special treatment just because they're women. Should he have decked her? Probably not. But you don't see her apologizing and having her life ruined because she hit someone, twice might I add. She started it, he ended it. Simple as that.
He was considering either transferring or just not playing. He graduated in December.
I can't stand Tabor, but I have to admit when he talks trash, most of the time he is right. But in this instance, he just makes himself look foolish. As much as I hate Michigan and especially Harbaugh, they would wipe the floor with Florida.
Also, my apologies for bringing political commentary to a sports site. It's just the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm just tired of seeing it everywhere, so I wanted to comment on it.
Why does it matter that he's black? It's an amazing accomplishment as an athlete period, regardless of race. To quote the great Morgan Freeman when asked how to stop racism: "Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask that you stop calling me a black man." That said, this young man should be celebrated as an ATHLETE that has accomplished an incredible task while still in college. Well done.
Of all the crap we have been through this season, why do we have to deal with Beth Mowins. I already almost pull my hair out watching every game. Now I have to deal with my ears bleeding too. What a day ruiner.
The people that expect coaches to come in and compete for titles immediately are the ones ruining college football. It takes at least two or three years to actually build a team that can compete. If there hasn't been an improvement in that time, then sure, we can judge Kirby then. But notice all the negative fans are the ones commentating. The actual fans are calm enough to take the loss, swallow the season, and move on. I was surprised this morning when I saw that Dabo Swinney was in his ninth season at Clemson. I don't see any fans clamoring for his job. It takes time. Chill out.
While I agree that something about this is off, it's incredibly easy for someone to take a whole class for someone else. In many classes, there isn't a roll. And even if there is one, it's just "sign in to make sure you were here." In my two and a half years of college, I can probably count on one hand the number of times my professors took roll and knew who each person was (roll had student pictures next to names). It's insanely easy. You'd be surprised how many people make money doing this.
Seeing as how the athletes are still students, and other crimes/offenses still fall under university policy.
That's true. However, the levels of tolerance for different offenses still seems uneven.
So you're telling me a player can get kicked off the team for copying someone else's paper but multiple weed offenses gets a slap on the wrist. And don't even get me started on the comparison of plagiarism and beating women, which also seem to have much different punishments...
The fourth and one against vandy may not have mattered or even happened if they hadn't returned the opening kickoff to the five yard line. Either way, two plays away from a much different season. However, I'm glad we can try to learn from these and grow moving forward.
About PI. The refs missed a blatant PI call against Auburn that almost definitely would've resulted in a UGA TD. Missed calls go both ways.
Funny to hear and Auburn fan complain about a missed call against UGA. And even go so far as to talk