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Yea I mean the guy has only won everywhere he’s been...But sure he won’t make it where he’ll have 10x as much talent around him than Pullman Wa. He won’t have to travel outside a 5 hr radius to recruit.
Wait did I just see Arkansas fans say they were going to beat MSU? Go take a look at the scores from the last couple of years.Arkansas is not even close and it’s gonna be in Starkvegas...yea good luck with that.
RIP Bear,another senseless killing and another young man losing his life too young.One of my all time favorite players.
Newberry is a helluva hire,y’all might wanna do your homework.Go look at the defensive turnaround at Navy under him.
Dude shut the hell up with that. Seriously doubt you are MSU fan.OM fan trying to make us look bad.
Did he just say basically that moving from Syracuse and Iowa State to USCe is a lateral move for a HC? Ouch
So y’all think Louisiana will score 14 and 20 on us? I’ll take that bet that’s it’s 7 or less
You should not worry at all about anything OM.They might win 4
Lose 6 games in a row? Nope. Don’t overlook Arkansas? Did you see last years game at all?They didn’t get that much better or we didn’t get that bad in one season.
Stud freshman Garret Shrader,Jalen Mayden and we have a stud QB Will Rogers committed
Last year has you guys really confident against MSU.Just take a look at the ones before that and you tell me if you really don’t think MSU is more talented than UK...we are always more talented than UK
I just don’t see how UT can win,I just don’t.Our defense will not be a weakness and our Oline is definitely a strength whereas DT is a big weakness for UT.
I don’t think you have any sources to speak of that have any validity...
It’s at home and we have a QB that can complete a forward pass this year. I’m not calling a win but I don’t think at all that will be anywhere close to a blowout
Guess he didn’t watch the ass whoopin OM took at their place last year...click bait
Tell me what about UT makes you think they’ll beat MSU? I’d like facts to back up your opinion.What position group outside of WR maybe does UT have the advantage over MSU?
Beat LSU but lose to OM.Wut? Lol MSU has Tamu number,Tamu also lost a ton on defense so lights out defense is a stretch.
Lol this will be our 10th bowl in a row. You can only go off history for long. This offense is going to look much much different than last year and our defense is still very talented.Anyone who thinks LSU will just roll in to Scott Field and walk over us is delusional at best. We are a talented team everywhere.Ask Auburn how that over confidence worked last year.
MSU walked through all that talent last year just sayin
Loaded at DE young but talented at DT.
How about the MSU-Auburn game from last year. Auburn was man handled