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MSU at Davis Wade this year isn’t a toss up for Auburn. That’s a loss for auburn
Former MSU target? Uh he’s gonna be committing to us here soon.
Uh a national title… please don’t compare UT to MSU in baseball, it’s not even remotely close. Everyone has a down year and everyone knows MSU is baseball royalty. We’ll be back next year.
Couldn’t have happened to a bigger bunch of Dbags. Grats on the choke job
I know UT fans are new to baseball bc you’ve been bad for so long but you cannot do what he did on any level and think you’re not gonna be tossed
Having a little class never hurt anyone. MSU last year was celebrated league wide bc we played with class and even treated the opposing team with class. UT doesn’t know what that is and it’s gonna bite them in the ass and I can’t wait.
Very few are pulling for them. They’re bush league in every sense of the words
Because LSU finally fired a coach that was caught cheating….so yea him leaving makes sense like the rest of the roster
Its like people don’t research anything before giving an opinion. Look him up before giving uninformed opinions. He’s literally won everywhere he’s been
The state of MS puts a ton of kids in the league every year. It’s a talent rich state.
Awww Bless his little heart, the last person I feel sorry for is that scumbag
Mike Leach and MSU played UGA with 40 scholarship players last year not to mention the Egg Bowl also last year with 40 plus players. Tamu scared
They were both dropped by MSU. The thought is we now lead for Khamauri Rogers, an instate CB who’s committed to Miami. With Diaz future in limbo he’s probably staying home.
Context is needed when you discuss Ints with a Mike Leach QB but I’m sure you knew that before spewing that BS
Compare his index card to Jimbo Fishers 4 page menu and you see there is beauty is simplicity. It’s simple but so effective
Nah y’all weren’t stopping us. We finally woke up on D and played like we always do and the offense was on fire. Auburn wasn’t stopping us when we got started. Our WRs gassed yalls DBs. They were done
The 3 ranked teams we’ve beaten before you would disagree. Thanks for making it 4. 40-6 run and this dude says MSU isn’t even good. Average or bad teams don’t do that on the road
Lol please tell me none of y’all actually believe this.
Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling me you don’t know what you’re talking about…
Calling a win over Vandy a good win is sad. The fact you had to survive Vandy is an indictment on your team. Vandy is atrocious
Well we know Arkansas defense is anything but feisty. Those defenses were shameful today. None of them wanted to tackle anyone.
lol Arkansas is gonna be in a world of hurt if they wanna run on MSU. Nothing about Arkansas worries me.
Texas and Oklahoma will learn these same lessons.This league is a meat grinder