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They were both dropped by MSU. The thought is we now lead for Khamauri Rogers, an instate CB who’s committed to Miami. With Diaz future in limbo he’s probably staying home.
Context is needed when you discuss Ints with a Mike Leach QB but I’m sure you knew that before spewing that BS
Compare his index card to Jimbo Fishers 4 page menu and you see there is beauty is simplicity. It’s simple but so effective
Nah y’all weren’t stopping us. We finally woke up on D and played like we always do and the offense was on fire. Auburn wasn’t stopping us when we got started. Our WRs gassed yalls DBs. They were done
The 3 ranked teams we’ve beaten before you would disagree. Thanks for making it 4. 40-6 run and this dude says MSU isn’t even good. Average or bad teams don’t do that on the road
Lol please tell me none of y’all actually believe this.
Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling me you don’t know what you’re talking about…
Calling a win over Vandy a good win is sad. The fact you had to survive Vandy is an indictment on your team. Vandy is atrocious
Well we know Arkansas defense is anything but feisty. Those defenses were shameful today. None of them wanted to tackle anyone.
lol Arkansas is gonna be in a world of hurt if they wanna run on MSU. Nothing about Arkansas worries me.
Texas and Oklahoma will learn these same lessons.This league is a meat grinder
Tamu is an average program and overrated every year. It’s like the ND love every year. They are what they are and that’s a middle of the road program with lots of money. They are nowhere near Bama or UGA level. Not close
Meh MSU had to go the last 5-6 games with 46 scholarship players last year. Went toe to toe with UGA, beat Mizzou to sleep, barely lost to OM(would’ve won had we not fumbled at the 1) and won the bowl game. Tamu has enough players to still have a solid two deep. Stop crying
You’re absolute idiot if you think OM defense is as good as MSUs
Baton Rouge is dump so the least desirable location in the west is rich coming from someone who thinks Baton Rouge is a cool place. Secondly for over 5 million a year, there would be plenty of coaches willing to crawl to MSU for the job. Try not to sound ignorant.
Tamu with calzada at QB is bottom 4 in the league. That kid was terrible yesterday
We have a top 25 recruiting profile.The problem is this league has some of the best recruiters in nation.We shall see
Yea that and this defense could possibly be top 3 in the league.
Lol you don’t even believe MSU goes 4-8.
Favored? Probably. Auburn the better team? With Bo Nix and a full MSU roster not the depleted one Auburn faced last year? Nope
Their opportunity was last year with an experienced QB and Oline. I don’t think it’ll be close
Because everyone knows when jack does come back from his concussion he will be the backup,there is no competition.It’s Wills job with Abraham as the clear backup.
Jack Abraham hasn’t practiced yet in training camp, this tells me no one does their homework here
Arnett from MSU will be up there after this year. Our D will be salty and we will actually have a full roster to work with. Anyone doubting this man go look what he did when we played UGA with 42 scholarship players and also what we did to Mizzou with 40ish scholarship players. He’s a star in the making
I’m convinced these dudes do little to no research. MSU D will be legit. Possibly top 3 in the league this year.
How can you not root for a kid like that to do great things? Go be great young man, we need more people like you in this world.
This will be a top 3 defense in this league, they left out we have Nathan pickering and UCF stud DE Randy Charlton, we also have Jalen Green at DB who is a transfer from Texas. Our defense will be legit. We can put Emerson and Forbes on an island and they’ll be just fine.