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This tells me you haven’t researched the talent we have on the OL much less the team.
Nah MSU has always been good on D. Leach is better in every way than Kiffin.
Leach won 11 games at both Tech and Washington freaking State. Yea no big deal.
Orgeron above Saban? Cmon. Stoops above Leach? Cmon
What a joke lol.Arkansas above MSU?OM above MSU? Good Lord I’d love to see the information they’re using to come up with this garbage.
Might wanna worry about coming to StarkVegas as well. Y’all don’t do well there.
Ole miss better record than MSU... yea sure thing
People thinking UK gets us haven’t seen our record against them since we became cross divsion rivals
Everyone is forgetting about Costello and any list with Nix,Mond, or Hilinski above him haven’t seen the kid play. He’s jumped in to the 1st round in some mock drafts.
Just Tamu how good Fitz was,he outran their DBs on the regular.
Pretty sure you’re referring to Ole Miss not MSU that hasn’t done anything since cheating.MSU has been to 10 straight bowl games. OM hasn’t been to a bowl in years
KT wasn’t a fit for Leach’s system,had nothing to do with ruining his talent.
Cant argue that. Please don’t remind us of anything of the Joe Moorhead era
Yea I mean the guy has only won everywhere he’s been...But sure he won’t make it where he’ll have 10x as much talent around him than Pullman Wa. He won’t have to travel outside a 5 hr radius to recruit.
Wait did I just see Arkansas fans say they were going to beat MSU? Go take a look at the scores from the last couple of years.Arkansas is not even close and it’s gonna be in Starkvegas...yea good luck with that.
RIP Bear,another senseless killing and another young man losing his life too young.One of my all time favorite players.
Newberry is a helluva hire,y’all might wanna do your homework.Go look at the defensive turnaround at Navy under him.
Dude shut the hell up with that. Seriously doubt you are MSU fan.OM fan trying to make us look bad.
Did he just say basically that moving from Syracuse and Iowa State to USCe is a lateral move for a HC? Ouch