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Keep in mind MSU is the 22nd most talented roster in the nation. Washington state was in the upper 60s compared to Washington who was around 18-20. That’s the big difference. He has more talent to work with while not being at a complete disadvantage talent wise than anywhere else he’s ever been.
I’ll also add they want to generate clicks by picking crazy upsets. These predictions have been ridiculous and it’s obvious they don’t really do their homework on teams rosters and what they have.
6-4 or 5-5. We have the 22nd ranked talent profile at the moment, we are talented and very talented in some places. We are just young. People will be surprised by our offense. Our Oline is anchored by a 5 star left tackle and highly rated 4 star at RT, LSU transfer at Center, and two returning starters at Guard. Our defense is gonna be really good with the first team it’s just the depth behind that is extremely young.
Keep in mind Joe freakin Moorhead scored at will on Arkansas. Yea but y’all are close to MSU lol
Well the scores from the last few years tell the truth, you’re not close to MSU, UT, or UK for sure.
He hasn’t signed yet and Teddy Know who is also committed and one of the fastest players in Texas is also committed
That’s nice and all,go look at how they’ve fared lately.
Arkansas isn’t beating MSU. Go look at last years beat down. Arkansas didn’t get better players. They aren’t good
Because Nakobe Dean is a Mississippian I hope you’re right. He just went to the wrong Dawgs.
This tells me you haven’t researched the talent we have on the OL much less the team.
Nah MSU has always been good on D. Leach is better in every way than Kiffin.
Leach won 11 games at both Tech and Washington freaking State. Yea no big deal.
Orgeron above Saban? Cmon. Stoops above Leach? Cmon
What a joke lol.Arkansas above MSU?OM above MSU? Good Lord I’d love to see the information they’re using to come up with this garbage.
Might wanna worry about coming to StarkVegas as well. Y’all don’t do well there.
Ole miss better record than MSU... yea sure thing
People thinking UK gets us haven’t seen our record against them since we became cross divsion rivals
Everyone is forgetting about Costello and any list with Nix,Mond, or Hilinski above him haven’t seen the kid play. He’s jumped in to the 1st round in some mock drafts.
Just Tamu how good Fitz was,he outran their DBs on the regular.