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Pickens might well be all world, but I don't get the knock on Cager. The QB play at Miami was staggeringly awful last year, and the dude still had 6 touchdowns. The guy is a beast and a solid pick up for UGA.
The transfer rule is inherently unfair to the student athlete anyway. I believe this will set a precedent where this ridiculous rule will go by the wayside. These players operate on a year by year scholarship, nothing is guaranteed. It is patently ridiculous to punish a player who sees an opportunity elsewhere to have to sit out. Coaches change jobs all the time, I see no reason why any student athlete should be treated any differently.
We supposed to miss somebody that couldn't beat out the starter? The premise of this article is stupid. i hope they all have success wherever they go, but i'm more concerned with what my team is going to do.
Fromm looks like a four year starter to me,regardless of where he might be drafted.
Same article every week, "let me count the ways Georgia Sucks" Can you show us on the doll where Kirby touched you Hayes?
It's a win. Pruitt will be fine. He just needs players which I expect he will get.
It looks like it's gonna take some time, but I believe the Vols will be competitive again. The schedule this year is absolutely brutal, so hard knocks are coming. The thing is, Pruitt can recruit, and when he gets his players in there you'll see that turnaround.
Mark Richt would have lost this game, not won by two scores.The definition of a trap game, and they avoided getting caught.