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Maybe let the Quarterback throw the ball more than 15 times?
Maybe let te Quarterback throw the ball more than 15 times?
So.. You guys know that the point of this article is things the writer is "overreacting" to.
The Falcons had 18 sacks as a team last year. There is no way they are taking a receiver in the first round. I predict Johnson falls to them. The receiver class in this draft is deep enough that they can get good value later in the draft.
Brian Harsin is a good coach, but a bad fit for the SEC. The blame for this situation falls entirely on the Auburn administration. Their attempts to create a situation for a "just cause" firing just makes the whole thing worse. Should have realized their mistake after the bowl game, ate the 18 million and made Derek mason the interim and hit a reset. If they fire him next year they'll still owe him 14 million. That 4 million will seem like chump change compared to how much this will set back the program.
Unless Stetson gets injured, JT won't play, but he will transfer within the conference come January.
Garbage human being bringing his bad ju-ju to Red Stick. Good luck with that.
Depends on how well Findley closes out the season. I'd more likely see JT Daniels transfer.
I am by no means a fan of Tennessee, but dude, Heupel walked into a dumpster fire and yet has his team on the verge of a seven win bowl season. Nobody reasonably expected anything like that as the season began.
The team no one wants to play? That would be UGA.
When a team loses it's aura of invincibility, the blood's in the water. Expect Mizzou and FSU to pin their ears back. Believing you can win is half the battle.
Georgia does that to teams. See Kentucky, Florida. A win is a win dude. They played to the end and prevailed. Good job Hogs!
The offense tends to start slower with Stetson. I think JT"s ability to read a defense and dial in the right play cannot be overlooked.
Do they sell alcohol at Neyland? Seems to me that might be a good place to start.
The hell is Kentucky doing being ranked below Ole Miss?
"Not too long ago, some were wondering if UT head coach Jeremy Pruitt was in over his head. Some even said Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer should assume the reins." Yeah, that was you Hooker who said that. It would be cool,but unlikely, if you would acknowledge that. I know you won't but still... I have no love for Tennessee, but it is important that they be relevant. At this point they are clearly better than the rest of the also-rans in the East, Similar to the Donnan era Georgia Teams of the late '90's. Can't see how this helps the Gamecocks, who they have clearly outclassed. I think Pruitt is the right man for the job and given resources and time could make this team relevant again in the national picture. The finish of this season is a good first step.
Well it looked like a dumpster fire a month ago and now it looks like a team playing hard and getting results. USC has their own issues, but this was a pretty emphatic win for the Vols. If they get bowl eligible you'd have to consider (other than the Georgia State loss) the season to be a success and that the program is moving in the right direction. Whether that merits a raise and extension, I'd say not until they start really competing for a championship.
Nah bruh, some players just can't be coached up. He wouldn't play for me again after going rouge like he did.
What's clear to me is that Kirby calls the shots on all things Georgia football. This offense looks pretty much the same as it did under Chaney. you want to blame somebody blame Kirby.
It's going to get a lot worse Hooker, a lot worse. There is no easy solution to this. You cannot continue to blow out coaches and expect any level of continuity. Pruitt may be over his head (and honestly, poaching Chaney from UGA is one of the moves that would make me think so) but this is a full rebuild that is going to take time. It seems obvious to me that some of the players aren't buying in and I'm only guessing it's holdovers from the past regime. Why don't the players bear some responsibility for this?
You didn't have to comment. You could have seen I was a bulldog fan and moved on... See how this works?
Hell, that's why they ran through the playoffs last year. They don't get to the playoff beat all to hell like Alabama was after playing Georgia last year. Won't be any different this year. Alabama is a great program that I have a lot of respect for. But after reading this tongue bath of an article I hope the defense keeps playing like they are, and they never find the running game and come in 3rd in the West. Talk about rat poison!
Dang Dave, more click-bait? There is no controversy, or competition. I have no love for the Vols, but they deserve a better writer than this crap!
I pretty much agree with all of that, particularly after what BYU did yesterday. They just should have looked like this against State, who got hammered yesterday.
I suppose if you're comparing those teams to Clemp-son, he might have a point!
God, what a slobbering ode to the "Sweet Hawaiian Prince." Good lord. Way to show up Carolina, nothing to be ashamed of. Second Tier? Can't wait for Clemson to slap that sweet Hawaiian taste out of your mouth. As I have no doubt they will.