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That is the most truthful of any post in this thread.
While I agree with the fact that Michigan is a great team, I wonder what happened to the principle that the king is king until he is defeated? Rankers have stuck pretty close to that mantra in past seasons.
First off, I am a Bama fan, so I am admittedly biased. The tackling player did not lower his head. He probably should not have hit with his head, but in this case it almost seems incidental in slow motion. He did not aim his head at the runner, it was just there in the way as he came straight in. The runner was moving sideways, so if he had been attempting a shoulder tackle, it may have ended up with a helmet to helmet in spite of his efforts. Nice citation for your opinion, btw.
Auburn controls their own destiny. TAMU has to wait for it to happen. That is the only reason I can think of, otherwise, they look great for the playoffs.
He does work tons of hours. You don't become a national level success by working 4 days a week.
I was very impressed by Allen. He got sacked 4 times to my memory and was continually knocked in the dirt, but he he brushed himself off, and continued to throw like a champion. Good job from an Alabama fan. The guy who held Jalen Hurts down by the neck needs to be suspended a game.
I just can't believe he keeps getting contract extensions. It seems like the Auburn AD or Board or whoever ratifies these decisions just wants to throw away more good money after Chizik.
Alabama set an NCAA record for the most graduate students playing in a bowl game; 29 graduates plus 3 with complete masters degrees.
Please not that. Lets not lose every bit of class. Surely, Harvey Updike is enough for one program.
I'd be willing to bet that 'Bama fans hate Harvey Updyke more than you guys do; probably not as much as Auburn fans do, though.
I don't think I would call it a narrow escape. They would have had to have made both of those field goals, or starting on their 25, made it all the way downfield in under 2 minutes, something that they had barely been able to do three times in the previous 58 minutes.
If you note, the rankings are entirely based on points. I have no idea what the points are for, probably votes, but there you go.
The times I have seen Henry run well, he always has a chance to get up a head of steam by running sideways and then cutting up-field. The times he has to run straight ahead, unless there is a huge hole, he gets chopped down. I really wish Saban would swap him to fullback and try the quarterback option play. I believe that Henry would excel at that style of run.
So which is better, to play well against an outstanding team and lose, or to crush a team that can't get its act together?
I would bet that Pelini will take over Muschamp's spot at Florida.
It is the SEC's top commits, not all wide receiver commits.
Texas AM was ranked #21, LSU was ranked #16, and Miss St was ranked #1.
Losses are worse later in the season when everyone is supposed to have the wrinkles out of their game.
That's the SEC West for you. Your team made the decision to come here, no point griping about it now.
I would have sat on the ball as soon as the clock hit the 2 minute mark.
The National Championship does not concern me. The score does not concern me. Poor decision making by seniors and 5th year seniors does. We floundered around like we didn't care if we won or not. That does concern me. If we look good and lose, that's ok, but looking like we don't care isn't part of the standard at Alabama.
I do not believe the President has the authority to tell a private organization to do anything.
That is bada**. Good luck, but Roll Tide.
Google "Houndstooth pattern" then come back and tell us if it's a checkerboard; also, pray tell us in a logical fashion how the Tigers came up with War Eagle for a battle cry.