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The billboards are about raising player profiles for Heisman Bednarik etc. nothing to do with uga or atl. They want our guys to get more attention to raise the programs profile and it accomplishes more nationally in ny than atl.
I’m not gonna say this often to a Georgia fan this week but you are totally correct.
I think you're misinterpreting my comment. I wasn't arguing that they deserved to be top ten hence why I said there were a lot of interpretations. My point was using opponents overall win loss record is a poor way to make your argument. That's the entirety of what I responded to. I was fine with their rank before aTm and I'm fine with it now. If they'd beat aTm I would've argued that they should be top ten.
I think it’s up to your interpretation of a lot of things as to whether they deserve to be in the top ten but your record stat is misleading at best. No one cares about cmu or Murray states record and the sec teams have one loss between them that isn’t to UK or between two of them which is usc’s loss to Georgia. Those aren’t bad records. Also uk’s current sor is ranked third.
Idk the percentage but under stoops it seems like it's pretty high. Our starting quarter back and nose tackle were Jc transfers plus there was Forrest and zadarrius. They all worked out really well relative to their rankings when they came in but I'm probably forgetting a bunch like this kid and bell who was dismissed from the team in the spring. It would be interesting to see some actual stats on it though.
Are you forgetting the UK @ Vandy game in mid November or did you mean we need 2 of 3 to get the over? If they are 4-2 at the bye they need a win at Vandy and one more out of the five available, non of which are unattainable see @ UL last year, to get a bowl which seems pretty likely to me.
Yeah I think he meant to get the over. This thing is riddled with typos and errors.
UK returns 17 starters, has an easier schedule, and shouldn't drop a game to southern miss again yet we're gonna do two games worse and miss a bowl. I get you think other squads are gonna improve more but we should get the games you picked and at least pick up one upset somewhere. This team should get at least six and make it to a bowl.
Yeah it's poorly phrased but I assume he meant they have never won the division under Jones.
Seriously? You're an idiot. This is an article about people making death threats. Make jokes and talk trash on other threads.
As a Kentucky football fan I'd just like to ask two things Paris. First why do you enjoy being negative so much? This is good news but for some reason you feel the need to come on here and try to degrade it. Second is there any way I can convince you to go and root for any other team?