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I guess they're still living in 2007.
I know Dabo has some personality issues, but I have to give him credit for building that Clemson behemoth (albeit taking at least a year off this year). When he took over it was recovering from years of Tommy Bowden. He recruited it and built the coaching staff and took advantage of a god-awful conference to make it to six straight playoffs and win two titles. The man can coach, is my point. He can build a successful program for more than one year as well. And I have to say the thought of an annual tilt betwixt him and Saban for SEC dominance is mouth-watering.
Cookies and Cream is generous. Looks like bird doo to me.
Why would you mess with the seating this close to the game when people have already purchased their tickets?
That's okay, I don't think USC or LSU are interested in Malzahn either.
It's a big whiff. Sure, Rice keeps you in the Houston market, but who's watching Rice games?
UK and Ole Miss both win out to finish 11-1. Alabama drops a shocker to LSU. Georgia loses to Florida and Tennessee. UK and Ole Miss meet in the SEC Title Game. UK gets stopped on a 4th-and-short late in the fourth quarter. Play is reviewed but stands. Kentucky fans start littering the field with bourbon bottles. Greg Sankey walks out to the field, picks up a bottle of Ol' Grandad, downs it like Steve Austin, points at the Ref and tells him to call the game. Ole Miss wins the SEC Title and gets invited to the Playoff to play No. 1 seed Cincinnati. I'll put my crack pipe down now.
Agreed. Bogans and Tayshaun, if he isn't already.
Vanderbilt vs Kansas, neutral field. Winning conference gets television rights in Amarillo.
Sounds like the C-USA is suffering death by a thousand cuts.
I'm not sure about that Iowa State-Oklahoma State score. I think OSU is the better team. Also wouldn't surprise me to see USC upset ND.
"Rick Barnes is not pleased with Jeremy Pruitt." Pretty sure that applies to a lot of people in Tennessee.
Ask me the question ten years ago, it's still LSU but it would've been closer. LSU has many advantages over USC, and not just recent success and conference affiliation. The number one thing is time zones. LSU is on national TV a lot. USC is too, but by virtue of being in Californiastan, it's usually PAC-12 After Dark time slots, and most of America not tuning in.
I say this a person who has always liked LSU. You've always been my second favorite SEC program. I hope you guys get the best coach you can, one who'll be there a long time and bring you vast amounts of success. But one caveat, if you take my Stoops from me I will go all Hurricane Katrina on yo
Personally, I think Mullen would be fine if he'd just shed Grantham. It's obviously not working.
As a Kentucky fan, what I liked about Saturday was our defense somehow holding Georgia to just 30 points on a day where they were on the field for a long, long time. I liked holding the Dawgs to a scoreless tie after the first quarter. I like that lack of giveaways. I liked scoring multiple touchdowns, even though the last one took a couple timeouts in an already-conceded game. I like being able to keep the offense on the field with a 22-play, 11:23 drive, and getting points off it. I like continuing to fight and not quitting. Georgia is an incredible team. They hearken back to the teams you've heard about from the 40s and 50s who not only went unbeaten, but also untied and unscored against. They are one of the strongest teams I've seen in the last thirty years. Not taking anything away from any of the past champions of the past thirty years, but wow. They have as their foundation a defense that is relentless and gives up nothing. They have an offense that, even if not what we've seen the past few years from LSU and Alabama, gets the job done. They're reliable. They're dependable. They sap your will. Their special teams smells blood in the water and blocks kicks with reckless abandon. They have few weaknesses, if any. Georgia, keep going for it. Your team is a joy to watch, but not to compete against.
No Grumors. Only Swumors. My how the world has changed.
Lol, you're probably right.
This is a good time to remind people that this a football game. A game. Not a war. Not life or death. A game. And a game is not worth taking the risk of throwing a water bottle and hurting someone.
Next year is next year; our boys needed that score. Good luck the rest of the year, your team is awesome.
Hey my bro, I'm high on life.
Here's a bold prediction: UK beats Georgia, runs through the rest of it's schedule to finish 12-0 and play for the SEC Title. Georgia steamrolls their remaining opponents and finishes 11-1 and in the top 4. Alabama cleans up and runs the table in the West to finish 11-1 and face Kentucky in the SEC Title Game. Alabama beats Kentucky. Bama and UK both finish 12-1. All three get selected for the playoff along with Cincinnati. The B1G, ACC, and Pac-12 spend the rest of the winter crying in their Cheerios, realizing alliances only work if you ally with the right people.
Georgia–20, Kentucky–7 Florida–34, LSU–13 Ole Miss–42, Tennessee–34 Alabama–38, Miss St–10 Auburn–28, Arkansas–27 Texas A&M–41, Missouri–20 South Carolina–35, Vandy–3
I think he's referring to 2018 when we had beaten Florida on the road and got that miracle win over Missouri.
Nope, no more Grumors. But there's always the Butch Jones Redemption Story (copyright 2021 Walt Disney Studios).