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LSU looked like a completely different team than the one that showed in the second half against Florida St, and I loved every minute of it. There's nothing louder than silenced cowbells.
The ACC move makes no sense, but to be honest, it didn't make much sense when the B1G took USC and UCLA. Adding Oregon and Washington makes it make a little more sense, but 0 (sense) is not a high bar to improve on. I understand the ACC adding SMU to be a midway stop, kind of like what the B1G has with Nebraska, plus the Dallas market, but does SMU really bring anything to the party?
Yes, Leary needs to prove himself. Right in the middle is probably the right place for now.
It'll be a fun game and atmosphere. Props to Florida for playing this home-and-home.
Not sure if that's all that surprising, even to Utah fans. He's a good QB and worth a look for any program that's shopping for one.
Any documentary that has to have its content approved by its subject, is no longer a documentary, and shouldn't be labeled as such.
I agree. He's now had multiple years to learn and get comfortable with the offense, and he looked great against Clemson. I believe he'll do a great job this season. I just hope he stumbles in Lexington.
Also don't see the Vols losing to Florida, but at least that's a road game.
I just don't see South Carolina walking out of Neyland Stadium with a win. I think they're good, but I think Tennessee is better.
Agreed. TBH, and I feel bad for this, I forgot about Ramon. Glad to have him back though.
I don't have any issues with this. The difference between 7-5 and 8-4 or 9-3 hinges on those road games at Miss St. and South Carolina. The one big thing that puts fear into me is Devin Leary has a history of being injury prone, and we have no one behind him. So, here's hoping the Big Blue Wall has completed it's remodel.
The service academies have the monopoly on creating the best alt uniforms. Another home run on this one.
Can't get here soon enough.
Please don't read this as me saying UK will beat Alabama, but if UK is going to beat Bama with Saban, now would seem to be the time. I'd feel more comfortable about possibly considering to think about putting money on the Cats for that game if it was earlier in the season, but alas it is not. That said, if the QB position is the weak point some people seem to think it is, Kentucky could definitely be competitive this year.
I don't have a problem with Michigan getting a couple of first place votes. Georgia is a clear No. 1 though, as they should be. Utah and Tennessee were both undervalued, but they have a whole season to prove people wrong.
He should give the playcalling duties to the Mertziless One.
I think what drives me the craziest, is that he said it twice. Once in the subhead, and then again in the next paragraph. He said it once, and then doubled-down. Then, it gets better. He writes about the setup and correctly calls it 2nd and 26, and then fails to go back and correct the first two instances that were so obviously wrong! My eyes! They're bleeding!
I agree with you. I don't think he had the right coaching at Michigan. Not a knock on the Wolverines or their coaches, as they're obviously pretty good, but every player is different. Hooker had the same problem at VT. The coaching wasn't right for him. Then he went to Tennessee and became a star player right away. Milton had a rough go his first 1 and a half games, which is a humongous sample size , but he definitely looked better against Clemson. I'd say two years playing behind Hooker looks likes it's done him a world of good.
In terms of Heupel making his return to Norman? Yes, sure. But I would argue Georgia and Alabama is still the bigger game. They've been the two titans of the sport that past few years. We still need to get through 2023 but there's a good chance this could be a top-3 matchup when it finally happens, judging by how good they've both been. Tennessee-Oklahoma will be another must-watch game, yes. If they're on at the same time though, my tv will rest on UGA-Bama, and I'll check on UT-Oklahoma at timeouts and halftime.
No one is dodging anyone. If this current format holds, you'll see every team in the conference twice in four years. Hell, Alabama and Georgia play each other in 2024. Same deal if they go to a 9-game schedule. What is he on?
I'm actually looking forward to the Cats going to Austin. Will be fun to see us in a completely new atmosphere. Not expecting a win by any means but we could be competitive for sure.
lol, understood. It's not really a rivalry if one team doesn't pull their weight. And I miss the throwboy as a player and a person. He was a good guy.
I'll admit, I enjoy seeing Tennessee lose (no offernse, Vols fans), but I enjoy seeing UK winning more. And if we beat Tennessee, in any sport, I want it to be because we're that good, and not because they're that bad. The only two schools I root against every game like their winning it would be a personal affront against me are Louisville and Duke. I don't like them.
Considering that it'll be 13 years since the previous meeting when these two meet, I think that enough time has passed for it not to matter where they played last.
I can see it now: UGA's Brock Bowers passes gas at Publix in Jacksonville Paul Finebaum reacts to Brock Bowers gas bombing a grocery store Twitter reactions to Bowers breaking wind in the dairy section Kirby Smart releases statement on Fart-gate
Can we wait for discernable proof that Texas is actually back before we declare they are back?