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VT was a toss-up for me. I went with Tech because this is all driven by football. However, as a basketball guy I would rather have Virginia.
In this scenario, let's say they merge with the AAC. Can't wait for that Duke-ECU matchup.
If that's true and they ignore it, that'd be pretty cowardly.
If I could predict these things, I'd say: ND, Washington, Oregon, & Stanford to the B1G. Clemson, UNC, FSU, & Virginia Tech to the SEC. That would drop the PAC to 7 teams, which could then merge with Big 12 and add Memphis to get to 20. I mean, it makes sense to me, but we all know there's no predicting these things. I remember back when we had to get used to Nebraska being in the Big Ten. I'm still not used to Maryland in there.
What I take away from this is that Louisville is about to be left behind. Hate to see it. *chuckles to himself gleefully*
IMO, it's more likely that the remaining Big12 and PAC12 schools merge to form an 18-team conference, leaving UCF, Cincinnati, Houston, and BYU in the dust (Or they keep Houston and bid farewell to WVU).
It's December 13th, 2023. A podium stands alone in a California conference room. The press files in. They sit silently, wondering what they were sent here for. A few cell phones ring. Someone plays Angry Birds with the sound set low. All of a sudden, a voice booms over the Hi-Fi: "And now, your new head coach of the San Jose State Spartans, Lincoln Riley!"
Memphis and Louisiana Tech to the Mountain West!
I'm not sure if anything, realignment-wise, shocks me anymore.
Hard to disagree with those three. They all look wild when GameDay is there. My personal campus/stadium/tailgating/game bucket list: 1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. A&M 4. Rose Bowl 5. Wyoming - It's a beautiful little stadium and I fell in love with that state when I was over the road.
Pressuring the QB: Better Run Defense: Worse Pass Defense: Better Special Teams: Slightly Better Overall: Slightly Worse? Come on, Joe. With the above logic, at worst it's a push.
Let me go ahead and be clear, I'm not against the pods. IMO when the expansion finally happens I either want no divisions or the pod system. What I don't want is to wake up and suddenly find UK in a division with Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee.
I guess, my biggest question if you basically have four divisions, is how do you select the participants for Conference Championship? The NCAA, and probably the other conferences as well, are not gonna be keen on the SEC having it's own mini-playoff.
We get Arkansas twice. Nice. Looking forward to seeing you Hogs in Rupp! Should be good.
When it comes to the 1-7 or 3-6 model that the conference has been discussing, I prefer the 3-6. Now, that's partly with the hope of preserving the Vandy rivalry, though. :)
To play devil's advocate, they could build a domed stadium. More like the Kibbie Dome as opposed to other domes. However, even that wouldn't offset the travel costs for teams who have to make the trek to Alaska, or the costs for the Alaska team to travel to other schools. Hawaii already has enough difficulty scheduling opponents that the NCAA had to make an exception for non-con opponents traveling there to be able to schedule a 13th game. Now, a neutral site game in Canada in August or September would be fun, though.
I agree with all four of these. I'm not gonna pretend that I can analyze baseball, but Tennessee was historically good this past season. Upsets happen so you can't dwell on these things too much. I expect Tennessee to be a great team next season. As far as Auburn basketball goes, as long as Bruce Pearl is leaving puddles of sweat on the sideline, the Tigers are going to be a good program that is hard to beat. Even just breaking through to the Final Four in 2019 was a huge statement.
Yeah, seriously. "GayRTR"? The 90's called (they couldn't text). They want their insults back.
@gwhite, I don't think dixieduck was responding to you. It was a stand-alone message regarding item No. 10 in the article, about Jimbo Fisher saying they need to play an FCS game no matter how many conference games they play. @dixieduck, personally, and I know this isn't practical, I would love to see these guys play a pre-season exhibition game against FCS competition, akin to the NFL. That way, it's a game that doesn't count. They can rest players while at the same time figuring out how they want to approach the season moving forward, and at the same time, the FCS school gets paid. Of course, injuries are always a risk, especially in the heat of August, and of course, coaches don't want to give away any of their playbooks. But still, I think it'd be fun.
For some reason, I think Alabama's defense is going to be just fine. As usual.
I'm sold on Arch Manning. I'm not sold on Sark. That's not to say that he can't be a great coach or that he will never win big. It's just saying that to this point, he hasn't shown me anything to suggest that he can. He's a tremendous offensive coach. You only have to look at what he did at Alabama as OC. However, his first season at Texas sure ended in quite a whimper, and it happened at a place that, since Brown left, chews up and spits out coaches like Jennifer Lopez does fiancees.