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RWS just notice your comment. I strogly dislike when these players sit out the bowl games. I kinda understand why. But the fact that they do should reflect on how much they will care about the team they get drafted to. I can understand about the concussion sitouts, but... This screams "i don't care about the team, it's all about me and my money maker." That's not a hit on AU or any team. It just seems to be the mindset of a lot of players these days. This is why most of the bowl games are crappy and meaningless these days. This isn't the military or life and death, but could you image our soldiers being like that. I really don't like that mindset. It's one of the reason I pull like the lower lesser teams. They get out there and play their hearts out every game because they always have something to prove.
Off topic. How do you change your profile pic on here? Not talking about the pic your team one. The one next to your name?
I have no problem with Murray winning it. He was their team. And regarding the article, as a Bama fan, i won't exactly agree with the PF caller, but i do lean in that direction. The big 12 (toss the B10 in there too) do get some 4 and 5 star recruits. They tend to get just enough that those guys can shine like the sun. It's a double edged sword. Like Tua's dad said, "if you want to play with the best, you have to go to Alabama." The SEC really does knee cap itself with this. It's not easy playing against other large groups of stars week in and out. What would Tua have done or been if he went to say Oregon or stayed with the U of Hawaii? Or even if he'd played in a few 4th quarters? That's when other team's D's are beaten down. He would probably have stats out the roof. It is all so very subjective. P.S. And as any QB, you could be the second coming of the baby Jesus as a QB but if you don't have receivers to that can get open or catch it, would anyone notice you? Or vice versa, great receivers with a semi decent QB.
I don't mind a little silly and light hearted article, but this was a more than a little silly. This was just down right sad.
RWS, won't let me comment to you. Anyhoo. No, i wan't to like AU. Half of my immediate family ar AU. But after Newton, and crazy crab legs at FSU, i can't take either coach. These kids were a$$es from start to finish and any coach that condones it, and looks the other way just to win is trash. It's really not a bias. I am a bama fan yes, but you win some and lose some. I have no problem with Watson from Clemson. I have no problem with Murray from OU, doesn't bother me at all that he won the Heisman. If i have a bias, it's against certain players and coaches that.
Wow, i really like him. He seems to be a great kid with tons of heart in a bad situation. But ok, you would know than me. I don't follow MS that close.
What?... LOL, Recruiting is never a silver plater. Easier for some than others, yes. But that's one of the greatest signs of a great coach and staff is recruiting. And one of Saban's best and most labor intensive jobs is recruiting. He's relentless. Remember that Bama was a dumpster fire when he got there, and He wasn't the GOAT when he arrived, or maybe was but no one knew it.
I think if they win against LSU they'll start highly ranked next year, great chance to work their way up and in. The SOS is so hard and subjective because look at AU this year. You do have freak teams that are good with a powerhouse QB that carries them, look at OU. As long as you have half way decent receivers, you can rise to the top. Sheduling is so hard because it's done so far out. FSU or Miss Sat could be awesome this year and the team to beat. You schedule them for 3 years out, but by then they are a wreck of a program. I'm all about the toughest sched you can get. I understand cupcake weeks because the players do need down weeks. This isn't the NFL where they are all the same with the same chances, but still good teams and bad. Long and short is if they stick it out, i think next year or soon they'll be in the NC picture regardless. The committee will be more forgiving with a tougher schedule though
Wow, not trolling here. I grew up in a house divided, but more so Bama kinda took it over. We ended up all in going to Bama in the younger generation. We've done it before, against OU. LSU may do it this year with all their players not going to the bowl, but i do understand for fanatical reasons. You just happen to be the last one that seems to be living in a dumpster fire currently, and only going backwards. I don't like Gus. He's a douche that will do anything to win. He'll overlook any completely unacceptable behavior. And the AD and crew there seem to be the same and continually shoot themselves in the foot. No ill will to the actual school or players, but the head of the football department seems to be demented.
Yuppers, any given Saturday, or game. Either way it should be fun and I'm excited.
Just hoping our D can show up like the beast they can be.
Short of they don't intend to, because they can't, stop either one. They don't have a lot of tape on the new and, seems to be greatly, improved Jalen. They are solely focusing on our D.
Man, that SECCG drove me nuts. Our star studded cast of receivers didn't decide to start catching ANYTHING until the 4th qtr. Hopefully if we're going to have a really bad game from how we play, that'll be it.
I thought the exact same thing when i saw the headline. Should read, "we don't care who starts, we know we can't stop either one so why worry about it."
I like your rat poison statement. I'm actually beginning to believe and get in the mindset of, we can't and wont depend on a kick. Win it decisively, or don't win at all. Still drives me nuts, but I'm coming to terms with it.
See what AU riding the Gus Bus to completely stain the entire league. I'm convinced they are there just to be a massive thorn in the side of the entire SEC.
I agree with this. They are a great team running the table in their own league, but playing one or two difficult games a year doesn't make you awesome. I love the UCF story and think that any good team should play them anywhere any time. Good teams should prove it. We've seen the G5 undefeated thing before. Years ago i had a friend at work that was constantly giving me hades saying Hawaii was the top team in the nation because they were undefeated, or they should have at least gotten the chance to play for the NC. We see where that ended up. UCF is a great story, I'm happy for them, but it takes more than a short run for them to prove their true worth. It's not an overnight process.
Did Smart take the Bama curse of new OC and DC every year or two. One of the true test of a good coach is managing when that happens. We'll see.
Yuppers. If winning is all it takes, let's just all schedule a season of cupcakes. Problem solved.
Very true. Hopefully he'll play like that against LSU. I love LSU but want UCF to do well. Maybe LSU having people sitting out will level it for a good game.
I love UCF and the storyline, but yeah. These are the cupcake teams on our schedules that everyone complains about being weak. Imagine an entire season of them.
I just see them as the feel good underdog story of the past few years. I'm all for them.