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Hope Bama wins so SEC team in playoffs, but I hope Arky makes a good game of it to see how far they've come.
Not quite sure it is; gives us room to recruit higher ranked recruits in their place, or at the very least recruits that want to be part of the program. See ya, buckhalter.
You have the complete right to disagree, but it doesn’t mean you are correct. He loves coming on to other boards and snipe a troll-like comment with no merit to back it up; that makes him a troll, regardless of whether or not he makes a sensible comment on his own bama boards.
We’ll be just fine, hogzzz. Thanks for your input, though.
Awesome. Love when teams like these play well enough to be ranked. Except UCF....they got annoying pretty quick.
Even with a talented coach and a talented squad recently, all the Bulldogs could muster was a first round loss in the NCAA tourney to a lesser team. Something’s wrong with the program.
Irenaus, darthA is not only a troll, but also an idiot. 90% of his comments on boards not Alabama are troll comments.
Nope, not surprised. Chris Wright is just another typical sjw idiot.
This is why all two lane highways are the most dangerous roads in the world.
Coach Leach down here we don’t have stuffing. It’s called dressing. And there’s no blackberry pie.
We actually had some semblance of a run game. Liking what I see.
+1. Alabama fans are crazy about football; LSU fans are just crazy.
Well then be sure to put your opinion in to the Alabama administration; I’m sure they’re waiting.
uh, darth. Are you talking about the offensive of side of the ball or the defensive?
Yup. He’s going to where his father can guarantee him some playing time. In the SEC it’s it’s merit based.