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And I'll take you up on that advice, duffey. If I wanted to constantly hear an idiotic liberal slant in my daily reading-my sports articles, no less-i'd go to CNN or ESPN. Your comments sections have been closed far too often lately, and not offering your readers a chance to voice their opinions because you want to be a college football community and 'unify' (yeh, right) then STOP WRITING POLITICALLY MOTIVATED FOOTBALL ARTICLES. You may not miss me alone but I'd almost guarantee you I'm far from the only one that feels this way.
So Kylin Hill wants to be all virtuous now that he found out over the weekend there likely won't be a college football season after all. There's plenty of people behind him I will step up and carry the ball. (By the way I'm commenting on that article here because SDS has found it necessary to cut off comments because they're going to get too many they don't want to hear. So when they want to put up an article on a hot button issue and then not let anyone with a different point of view comment I'm just going to work around it, speaking personally.) Hill is just a bullcshi**er.
Yes, I read the damm article, and I believe you still get the point.
Indeed. We're just hoping the opposing offense's chests will be filled with helmets.
Yeah. Georgia has an 82% chance of making to the SEC Champo Game, and a 100% chance of losing it. And before all the UGA UGA fans come on here and say, 'yeh well at least we make it to the game...sometimes' State fans don't claim preseason year in and year out to be the best team, program, and recruiting class in college history.
Because as even the most head in the sand observer knows by now, there is a huge double standard and dose of situational ethics for all leftists involved. Something else I hope is obvious to the masses at this point is that the things liberals accuse of other people of being, the liberals ACTUALLY ARE!
Oh you mean like the one on the homepage now where he unashamedly infers the Iowa strength coach is guilty and a dirty racist without offering a scintilla of credible proof, other than mere accusations (Russia collusion, anyone)? Connor would make a great CNN reporter. SDS, can you not do better than this?!
Your last sentence pretty much sums it up. As highly as those guys were ranked coming out of haskrool, I really don't think they were going to make a huge impact, especially lovett. Jones simply due to how much Leach's offense is going to be on the field-not that you still don't want top notch DBs, but their playing time will be diminished in Leach's system.
Haha ^^ this! Good point. Seems it goes for almost every recruit now days.
There comes a point where some people just try too hard. You, my fellow Bulldog, reached that long ago.
Cousin Eddie, of course...that's who. Just ask Clark. And he's referring to the fact that cross-conference games tend to happen in the first half of the season.
See what I mean? Sagacious and arduous? LOL. Those are words a recent graduate uses to try to prove to himself he is smarter than everybody else.
Georgia doesn't have a qb. Maybe UGA should write bigger checks.
Well, 44, one is an Auburn fan and one is a Georgia fan; hence, on a Mississippi State board, they are from out of town metaphorically speaking, of course, you stupid b***h.
That's a good post. I think people don't respect Dalton that much because of his bright ass red hair but he is a very good quarterback.
I remember going to watch Arkansas at War Memorial in the Kenny Hatfield days.Those were the days to be a Razorback fan. You could feel the excitement in the air before the game even if you were a fan of the opposing team.
I would normally agree with both of you because, at best, Stevens was a distraction. However, seeing as you are both from out of town...go **** yourselves and burn in ****.
Bad dawg is nothing but a race baiting piece of ----. He's a young arrogant man thinks he's smarter than everybody else and the funny thing is he's the only one not smart enough to see it.
I'm not sure but I think KT will be one of our mistakes as in one we let get away. The only two times I really ever saw him play he played lights out he got us out of the hole against Arkansas and then beat Louisville in the bowl game. He's two for two as far as I'm concerned and should've got more field time at state. I blame Joe for that...there I said it.