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You're probably right. But if he does wow… A 6 foot 3 CB!
I can explain why Herbrstreet broke down: because he's a big fat pu$$y and he goes along to get along; and he doesn't have the guts go play his true convictions.
I hear you, for sure. But I think it might be just a little bit more than mere innocent stupidity.
Well I see stopped using ...... ...... ............ all over the place. And if you knew punctuation in the first place you wouldn't of used .... at all. And look at your last sentence in your above post, genius; you need help with your GRAMMAR. Idiot.
Here's my opt out team this fall: College Football.
Excuses are like you know what, marsh. Or is it marshmallow, kind of like the Florida baseball program lately?
If Stevens outperformed Thompson in practice then that's why. But if he did not then absolutely it's reasonable to wonder. So the question is who outperformed who last year under Moorehead's tutelage.
Well I did say ONE of the nations best programs. Love the gators though-always have. I do seem to remember Mississippi State having Florida's number the last several years.
Well you see, BigVolz, that is where you have miscalculated. Because the "Republican" side of things is to NOT politicize and force everyone to see it your way or else. So it has always been Republican, as you put it, because politics have been kept out of sports until now because the "Democrat" side of things is to destroy everything they touch, now to include college football.
I saw him thank his mother but why didn't he thank his father, too?
I am seriously looking for a team in the SEC that hasn't laid prostate before the BLM antifa anti-American garbage yet. I don't think Auburn has and maybe Tennessee as well.
I will tell you one destination College Game Day isn't coming to…my television screen. College football has now been politicized with so many coaches going along with it to save their jobs but I and millions of others have sworn it off just like all pro sports. The rest of you suckers can go along with it if you want to but I for one won't. At least state has one of the nations best baseball programs so, until that gets politicize too, I can look forward to Spring. Hail State (Baseball)!
Well, it looks like it's college baseball or bust. For as long as that is not politicized, too!
lol oh yeh. I think I remember something about that. Note to self: When you're teetering on relevancy with a team and you haven't really proven you're worth yet, don't cause your team negative headlines.
Here's a question. What SEC teams have decided to focus 100% on football and haven't walked out in BS protest yet?
No, LSUMC, Your reply is indicative of someone with her head stuck in the sand.
Might be it for ol' Chad Kelly. Why did he get suspended, anyway?
This is disgusting. I made a promise to myself after the practice walkout in protest last week that one more instance and I'll write off my Bulldogs like I've myself and millions more have written off pro sports. Now, this article, out just three hours ago, is the last straw. COLLEGE BALL? COLLEGE BALL? Now COLLEGE SPORTS are politicized?! Enough of their virtue signaling, pandering, social justice judgement, condemnation bul!s**+! Athletes are about to find out just how important they're not in the grand scheme of things. Ignorant fools.
Just a touch ironic since his high school team got beat in Jackson a couple of weekends ago.
Ha! I agree. Kind of hard for me to watch them right about now.