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Wait who? Who is Brevyn Jones? When did he get on the team? Anyway, never heard of him.
No there was something odd about their interaction post NCG.
See ya fabian. Now get the f*** out. We have have four star seats to fill.
Sooo, is all the garbage miley cyrus has put out there not degrading to women just because she chose to do it? Your logic is flawed.
Yeh, and look at the product those California schools are putting into their's that working out for you, California?
Lol. Now that's karma, you Georgia dumb@$$. Foot, meet mouth-I mean mouf, in your case.
Lol wow. You're just a kid, aren't you? Sorry kiddo didn't mean to get into a verbal altercation with a child. It's just that I didn't know until I read your reply just now.
Actually the only rat poison (there's no hyphen between rat and poison, you idiot) here is you. And the only thing you're offering is your meaningless, asinine opinion. THAT'S clearly observable.
Ehh. You're both full of chitt; you have nothing to offer. You're like the retard at the normal Olympics.
There are always going to be super negative morons like the ones above in any fanbase that only see fault in anything they look at. But I agree with you that though he was quite far from perfect under the circumstances he has earned another year.
Oh please. State has kept up almost tit for tat with LSU over the past several years. LSU finally has a good year and here you are acting like an arrogant bama fan who thinks he knows the future of other football programs. We don't your a** around, prick. So f**k of, coonass.
No because State was at least supposed to compete for a half… Well maybe a quarter… Well maybe the first half of the first quarter… Well maybe the first half of the first half of the first quarter… Oh wait never mind.
The next year or two will decide if he’s an inferior coach, not you.
Tell me a conference you can say better about.
hey bad dawg, nice job you stupid fkn turd. pointing out one man’s face mole when there’s an 8 pound tumor on yours. all you know how to do is criticize, prick.
Yeh. Honestly, he could best Arky, beat ACU, and then pound TSUN like a $25 w*ore. Go bowling, win convincingly, and carry a little momentum into the offseason. He would get my attention back for at least into next season.
Right, right, right. If someone disagrees with you, it's simply because your are the master of all and they 'don't know the game'. Also, it seems to me my sentence structure is a good deal more coherent than yours (since you bothered to mention it), which leads a reasonable man to believe that you are long on (attempted) insults and short on substance; but I could tell that from your very first post. As to your insult regarding you rather being an idiot than an imbecile, well here you go (since you're already an idiot and you didn't even know it). Now THIS is funny: In psychology, an idiot has the least intelligence on the IQ scale (this now is equivalent to someone who is mentally retarded or the more politically correct “mentally challenged”); an imbecile is not quite as dumb as an idiot and is now considered equivalent to moderate retardation. An imbecile is considered to have an IQ of between 26-50, while an idiot's IQ is measured between 0-25. So, bad Dawg, even if I was an imbecile, then you're even dumber than me . Idiot.
msu777, im fairly certain he’s not my daddy, as you so eloquently stated. and no one needs a lecture on the differences between coaching at northern schools and southern schools. as i told bad dawg, you’re not special and no one really has anything to glean from your oh so impressive understanding of things.
baddawg just STFU already. Here’s the thing-you and all your idiot kind have been beating your fkn drum way too loud and for far too long. Even if Moorhead ends up not being the guy you didn’t give him a chance from the very beginning. You’re not smart, you’re not special, and you cant see things other people ‘just can’t’, okay. If Joe Moorhead ends up fired it’s completely despite people like you, because you started calling for his scalp long before he even had an opportunity to fix the issues and prove himself here, regardless of whether he was able to or not.