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That's not what he is saying at all. Auburn has a large advantage in the amount of 4 stars. But last week we proved that coaching matters more than stars. Last year our 4 stars looked like highschool players. This year they're playing like an SEC team.
LOL You wanna talk about paying smaller schools to beat you? Get in line, pal.
He inherited a winning program. All he had to do was not screw it up.
Bielema started the spiral. Morris put it into high gear. Bielema was driving away coaches and recruiting was trending down.
That's not character assasination. Bielema made countless mistakes here. It drove away our coaches and put arkansas at the bottom of the SEC.
Bielema ruined his own reputation while here. Reporting on that isn't destroying it.
Well another article lists Connor Noland as a 4 star QB that could take over after Franks, except Noland quit football to be a starting pitcher for our BB team..Great research is being done for these articles. It's crazy how lazy these journalists are getting.
His response was literally saying they wouldn't hire him because of his style/demeanor. Did the author even read the tweet before writing this? He didn't "fall" for anything. SDS really needs to start proofreading their stories before posting because it's getting sad.
Gonna help Tua with his Heisman bid next week. If anything we make every QB look like a hall of famer.
Yeah, we suck. Coaches try their hardest to lock down the loss every week.
I thought the strange part was Paul pressing for an answer everyone knew he wouldn't get.
Finebaum is one of the worst reporters/broadcasters for college football. He doesn't ever add good content to a conversation. This was a poor grab by him to have a good piece of reporting.
Arkansas is given way to much credit in this list. Should be 14.
Wear sunscreen and drink water. Problems solved. The complaint had nothing to do about heat related injuries. "We're Alabama we should get whatever time we want" seemed to be the logic behind it.
Hey, baseball season is almost here....
It's looking more and more like Starkel will get the call. He has the better arm talent and through practice has shown the he has learned a large chunk of the offense in the short time he has been here. It will all depend on if he has learned enough of the playbook, because his ceiling as a QB is much higher than Hicks.
This seems like something they wrote just to write. Not much to cover this close to the start of the season without any real stories breaking. It's a topic they can cover every year just to be able to publish something in the off season.
I think Mizzou will land 3rd or 4th in the East. Seems pretty accurate for start of the season.
Clearly this is a joke. Any ranking where Arkansas isn't top 5 is ridiculous. This is most improved, right? Cause we can't drop any lower..... (Cries woo pig)