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Wear sunscreen and drink water. Problems solved. The complaint had nothing to do about heat related injuries. "We're Alabama we should get whatever time we want" seemed to be the logic behind it.
Hey, baseball season is almost here....
It's looking more and more like Starkel will get the call. He has the better arm talent and through practice has shown the he has learned a large chunk of the offense in the short time he has been here. It will all depend on if he has learned enough of the playbook, because his ceiling as a QB is much higher than Hicks.
This seems like something they wrote just to write. Not much to cover this close to the start of the season without any real stories breaking. It's a topic they can cover every year just to be able to publish something in the off season.
I think Mizzou will land 3rd or 4th in the East. Seems pretty accurate for start of the season.
Clearly this is a joke. Any ranking where Arkansas isn't top 5 is ridiculous. This is most improved, right? Cause we can't drop any lower..... (Cries woo pig)