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I'm guessing it was less about his pay and more about the budget he would have had to build a staff. He has big expectations, he's an SEC coach. So having to take a step-down budget wise and hope to get the guys he wants would probably be hard to reconcile.
It's a position we hope to see improve over the next season or two through better recruiting and transfers. They plugged bigger holes through the transfer portal at DL and LB and now we have to work back to the secondary. He's a good ball player,but having a walk on starter who has as many big play misses as he does good plays isn't where we need to be. But it takes time to overhaul an entire roster. luckily for us the transfer portal has sped that up.
Jimbo goes to sleep every night kissing a picture of Jameis Winston after he's done "Early 2000's Offensive play calling" and putting a new has mark on his daily count in his bedside table that keeps track of how many days he has gone without adapting to the current football landscape. Luckily for him he can't hear the noise of angry fans and disappointed boosters under the cover of his down comforter stuffed with $100 bills. Greatest Scam in CFB history.
I guess that just means it hasn't been fixed yet, Eking. So, it seems like a valid opinion to have until it gets fixed.
Our pass rush is improved greatly this year, unfortunately everything behind that is underperforming. Our lack of depth in the secondary has been exposed through injuries. We are only 1 deep at every position in the secondary until there is a talent drop. We are running with a walk on DB as a starter who don't get me wrong has flashes of good play but has an equal number of misses. Opposing receivers run at will, if they had elite QBS at this point we might not be 3-0. Our pass rush has helped get opposing QBS out of rhythm which helps increase inaccurate throws. But if Odom and Co. don't come up with a fix, and quick, things could get ugly for us on defense.
Honestly surprised anyone runs the ball against us at this point. Our secondary was our known weak point coming into the season. Behind our All American Safety who is now out for the year, our depth is non-existant. still a year or two out recruiting wise to get there.
Georgia has shown they are way above everyone else. We'll see about bama over the next couple of weeks where they land this year. Don't get me wrong, they're still up there, but I'm waiting for their usual domination to show.
Nothing they have done this year shows top 25 team. Rankings shouldn't bring up past years or name brand. It should reflect what has been shown this year and this year alone.
Dink will be fired within the next two years as the SEC continues to pull ahead of missouri.
I'm fully on the Treylon train as is anybody who has seen him play, (people who haven't seen him just say ugh Arkansas he's a bust) but we know how good he is. But I agree, it's the last week of July and there's no news to put out. That catch is standard for an NFL receiver, especially in practice with no real defense trying to ground you.
I'm glad we have a coaching staff that, even in the age of the transfer portal, isn't scared to go out and getting as much talent as possible without fearing losing who we have. Regardless who you are, you're part of a team and are there to compete. If you're afraid to lose your spot to the point of transferring, I wish you the best, but we need guys that will compete for their spot and are confidant enough to not be scared by a room full of talent. You're right though, we still need depth. I just don't want it at the cost of not going for the best.
Why do you say Odom is not a good recruiter? We've landed many really good recruits across our defense, and he was able to pull top talent from Mizzou that helped us last year. The DL has been our biggest issue in recruiting on defense, so it makes sense from an outside view to better that position. But again, an outside view. We could all be completely wrong.
Either the staff sees something the rankings don't, and he could be an elite player once he gets on the team, or he could be a reason why we're getting a new DL coach to upgrade recruiting on the line. Only time will tell.
I don't agree with this line of thinking. If he is better than Slusher I'd be glad to have him over Slusher. I'm not saying he is. I think Slusher is going to start for us this year alongside Catalon. But the best player deserves the spot every time, or else you're shooting yourself in the foot like Morris did by picking your favorites and sticking with them no matter what.
Ratings are for fans not coaches. Yeah, higher rated players have a higher shot at being better or more successful, but not every rating is accurate. I trust the coaches we have know a good player when they see one and are able to judge if they can coach him to be what the team needs.
This isn't walking out on his team, this is making the decision that is best for him and from everything I have seen the team and coaches support him. Who are we to say he is walking out on them if that isn't how they feel? National championships are different, everyone knows that. But risking his livelihood for the outback bowl is a huge risk. Every down you take in football could be your last. He helped rebuild our program and get to a bowl game. Now he is looking out for himself and his family by doing what he can to ensure he can make a living with his skills and work. Now it's time for the next guy to step up.
The SEC office and Sanky suckle at the teet that is Alabama football. They will do anything to protect their precious football program. Nobody from Alabama will admit it, even when CBS, CBS!, is in disbelief from the bias being shown by officials. Yes we lost. Alabama won. It was a good game. But the bias was clear regardless.
DartA: Ever see a ball placed on the one yard line when the running back was standing in the endzone? #onlyatBAMA
Joe, looks like you need to go give Glenn a lesson on how to write an article arguing why a team is gonna win. Either that or A&M really is struggling and he had to come up with some filler since they aren't really helping his case. Either way, Hogs by 90 Woo Pig
Actually my response included much more than that, and the overall record was used to show that a 9 win streak isn't a good reason to say you are going to win. Let's put more thought into responses and look at the whole message or at least paragraph as a whole so that you can include the rest of the context instead of cherry picking a sentence to respond to.
I agree the overall record means just as much as the recent record. The past is the past and is made up by teams that were different than today. As for last year, I was more saying the competitiveness Arkansas showed with where we were at as a program. The coaching staff was able to coach the team up to play somewhat decent instead of being handled like an FCS school, which we couldn't beat the year prior. A&M does have more raw talent depth, but I think Arkansas' talent has been overlooked for years (for good reason) and the results and change we have seen in the past year with the hogs show it. Hell, when you bench your QB and he comes back with a lower tier school and whoops you the coaching staff is clearly under utilizing talent. I think it will be a good low scoring game that like a lot of recent matchups between us comes down to the final few minutes. I think we come out on top this time. I'll be there to see it regardless, Go Hogs.
I guess start with #1. The hogs have lost 9 in a row, you are right. But we lead the series 41-33-3. Let's just say the span of losses that include Arkansas coaches of John L smith, Brett Bielema, and Chad Morris aren't the greatest example of why you will win. A&M won last year as well, but the competitiveness Arkansas showed in College Station let alone doesn't bode well for A&M this year. Between '58-'66 Arkansas won 9 in a row. Between '77-'82 Arkansas won 6 in a row. No streak lasts forever, and this is the first team that plays to win for 4 quarters that we have had in over a decade. So, you're banking on the defense that you "can't move the ball consistently on" based off of a sample size that includes a Colorado team that didn't score against Minnesota, and a Kent state team that only put up 7 against Iowa. Do we want to include New Mexico that didn't have spectacular games against HBU and NMSU? The defense could be stellar, but let's wait until after this game to make a decision on calling that. Your other hopes are that A&M's line is better and learn to work together and A&M WR's start to play better. I'll give you #3. A good punter and special teams are important, Arkansas proved that point very well the past few years by showing what the opposite can do to you. This seems more like a wish list than actual reasons why A&M has a chance to win.
That's not what he is saying at all. Auburn has a large advantage in the amount of 4 stars. But last week we proved that coaching matters more than stars. Last year our 4 stars looked like highschool players. This year they're playing like an SEC team.
LOL You wanna talk about paying smaller schools to beat you? Get in line, pal.
He inherited a winning program. All he had to do was not screw it up.
Bielema started the spiral. Morris put it into high gear. Bielema was driving away coaches and recruiting was trending down.
That's not character assasination. Bielema made countless mistakes here. It drove away our coaches and put arkansas at the bottom of the SEC.
Bielema ruined his own reputation while here. Reporting on that isn't destroying it.
Well another article lists Connor Noland as a 4 star QB that could take over after Franks, except Noland quit football to be a starting pitcher for our BB team..Great research is being done for these articles. It's crazy how lazy these journalists are getting.