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"Should he accomplish the feat he would become the first player in SEC history to pile up double digits in each of his first three seasons"....Not true. Derek Barnett had 10 as a Freshman, 10 as a sophomore, and 11 so far this year. There was an article about this on SDS literally a week ago...
I don't think I can ever remember a season like this. Obviously no one gets through a season completely healthy, but this makes 20 or 21 (it almost seems comical to keep count at this point) players on the 2 deep that will miss significant time this year.
BT If Hurd wouldn't have fumbled into the endzone in the first half, neither long pass would have mattered at the end of the day. In a game that close, you can what if until the cows come home.
UT is catching Bama at the worst time possible. Between the emotions of the last 3 weeks and a defense that looks like it's going to be more patchwork than some of the quilts my Grandmother used to make, I'm finding it hard to envision a Tennessee win. They are a mature team, and absolutely no one can deny their fight/desire, I just think the season's toll is going to show on Saturday....I hope I'm wrong.
Well, technically, they did lead in the first overtime.
JRDunn124 I don't think anyone has ever argued against Garrett being an elite pass rusher, but it's not like it's a new theory that he needs to get better against the run. That has been all over ESPN, draft analysis reports, etc. Garrett edges Barnett as a pass rusher, and his measurables are insane, but Barnett is the better overall defender, at this point in time. But as someone else said, it's like splitting hairs. Both are elite and both are likely high draft picks.
The level of salt has increased so drastically in the state of Georgia this week, that you can taste it in the air from 4 states away....and it's amazing.
You're right, they're not the same...because they are different plays...but as DoctorLarry said, they all still count. Those 7 points would have been worth the same amount, whether they happened in the first half or the last play of the game.
you can 'what if' until the end of time, but it doesn't matter. What if Jalen Hurd doesn't get lazy on the fumble in the endzone and the last play was never needed in the first place? What if UT's punt snapper doesn't down a punt at the 4 yard line to setup a sack/fumble in the endzone? There are a handful of what if plays every game that is this close.
The amount of salt in this puppies body has clearly impeded his judgement if he thinks that Chubb getting hurt last year was anything more than an unfortunate accident.
I think most of us are tired of the 'coach speak' and ready for results. Coach Jones has done an admirable job of turning the program around on the field and in the classroom. Team GPA is up significantly, and the talent level is light years ahead of what it was with Kiffin and Dooley. However, at some point the talent has to translate to more than an 8/9 win season. With the games that UT should have won last year, and found a way to lose, and the performance last week (vanilla offense, completely not prepared for a team that wanted it more) I think there are legitimate questions about game day decisions and his ability to be the long term solution.
The problem with the read option last night was the lack of reading and a lack of optioning from Dobbs. It really wasn't the UT, bread and butter, read option game that got 3000 rush yards last year. Last night was Hurd off tackle, Hurd off tackle, pass. 2 major things that stood out to me last night on offense: the interior OL play was horrendous, and the offensive play calling was less than vanilla. I don't care who you're playing, you have to use more than 20% of the playbook.
Tonight was embarrassing, particularly the OLine play, but I'm going to be that guy. App State is probably a better team than Vandy, UK, and USC. They aren't a directional school. I'll be interested to watch them play Miami in Boone in 2 weeks.
He never called for a fair catch, and it was not kick catch interference. There was plenty of space between him and the return man. There was at least 2 yards between them when he caught the ball. The targeting was borderline at best. And unfortunate. Know way for Maybin to know the kid was going to go to a knee.
bad math, just over 3000 yards of total offense.
That's a stretch. Apples to oranges. Dobbs provides additional skill sets that Lambert never could. Dobbs accounted for just under 3000 yards of total offense and 27 touchdowns last year. Far more productive.
I agree that surgery is never ideal, but there is a big difference between having surgery for a slight meniscus tear and coming back full speed in a month and tearing your ACL and not being back for 15 months.
Everything that I've read at this point is obviously pure speculation, but from people in the know on other forums it appears to not be anything too serious, especially considering he was full speed at the last practice. Again, it's all speculation until Butch's press conference this evening, but everything I'm reading has me hopeful for being back in 4-6 weeks.
I'm just going to assume he made this list by pulling names out of a hat.
I'm not saying that I'm superstitious, but I was at the UF game in 2014 and Oklahoma didn't exactly end well last year...
Fair play. And if that's the case I can admit when I'm wrong. I wasn't aware of the circumstances of the plea. I don't believe I've read that on SDS, ESPN, or any of the other forums I frequent.
Charged? Yes. Found guilty? No. Thus, you were only partially correct.
Only partially true. There were 2 charges. One was dropped completely. The other charge was significantly reduced and agreed upon by both parties after the DA determined that the entire situation was blown out of proportion. Also, he hasn't been found guilty of anything. The reduced charges are just that, reduced charges. The charge will be dropped in about 3 more months, as long as he doesn't get into anymore trouble. His status with the team hasn't changed. He hasn't been working out, eating, practicing, etc since this happened. Bill, we all know you have loved every second of this, because it gives you a platform to bash UT using your fake holier than thou routine, but if you want to make it more believable at least use all of the facts or pretend to have some some semblance of not being so bias.
You know it's a good post when you get comments from Larry, seven, and Bill. It's like the triple crown of SDS.
And the vast majority of Garrett's production came against unranked, non-conference opponents, so I don't understand your point here? Garrett is the best pass rusher in the country, no one is arguing that. He's a freak athlete. Barnett is better against the run. That also isn't a new revelation, and is a very common theme around various draft prediction services. Assuming neither one just completely falls off this year, they're both going to be top 10 picks in the draft. To me, they are 1a and 1b in the SEC.
The great thing is, as long as you win, the ranking takes care of itself.
The great thing about all of these predictions, is that starting in less than a month, we won't have to speculate any longer. Is it September, 1 yet?
It's not quite "you can't spell citrus without UT" or "free shoes university" but he may get there one day.
I know it's splitting hairs, because every player on this list has first round talent, and DL is probably the deepest position in the conference, but I'm curious to the thought process of putting Charles Harris over both Derek Barnett and Jonathan Allen. Both Barnett and Allen have been more productive in 2 seasons than Harris, and with Barnett, it's not even close. Production wise, he is on another level completely.