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Two takedowns, two points. UGA 2, FSU 0. AJ was still getting shots in when they were pulling him out of the pile. How come it is that some pompous arrogant trash-talking a$$ shoves you down from behind and you're the bad guy for going off on him? I would gone Ralphie (from Christmas Story) on his thug a$$. BTW, Am I the only one who thinks AJ looks like Chris Tucker?
Clean hit? You call shoving a guy down after the play a clean hit? The reason Ramsey was ejected was because that cheap-ass shove instigated the thing. And the reason he's likely to be suspended from the next game is because he tried to get through security to the Bengals locker room and pick up where they left off. They had to escort him out. Good thing they stopped him, A.J. would have stomped him into next week. I don't know where you get off calling Green a P.O.S. thug - he's always been one of cleanest and most respected players in the league - NEVER ejected or suspended. Ramsey, on the other hand, has has punk trash mouth and a chip on his shoulder ever since his FSU days. I've always valued clean play and sportsmanship, but this one time I'm glad to see somebody show these trash-talking hood thugs they're going to get what they give. I just wish the officials had let these throw down the helmets and NHL. FSU hasn't been anything but cheap shot cheap talk punks since the Bowden days.
Dude, I've been a Dawg fan for 45 years. I remember the days when the Gators couldn't buy a win against the Dawgs. Then along came Spurrier. I swear he brought some Haitian voodoo with him, we couldn't even beat you guys when Zook was coaching ( I think were 1-2). If Kirby can pull the pin out of the voodoo doll with the red helmet on it I'll get some confidence back. Until then, raise a glass to best freaking rivalry in college football. They can all keep their eggs and apples and cowboy hats and whatever else they want for their second class rivalries. Dawgs v. Gators is the class of the game.
I've been a Dawg fan for 45 years. I haven't been more optimistic nor more paranoid about a GA-FL game in my life. I'll believe the win when I see it. I guess the difference seems to be that CKS is prepping the team mentally, something that CMR couldn't seem to do. Will this team break the curse? Go Dawgs!
Not only was Ohio State not the Conference Champion, they didn't even win their division...this SUCKS. We may as well bring back the BCS...
Only a complete idiot would say that about a first year head coach with a team made up of more freshmen and sophomores than almost any other team in the country. These "fire the coach" threads just show how stupid and spoiled most SEC fan bases are, including my own. I'd be willing to bet a lot of the "Y'all can have Kirby" folks are the same ones screaming for Mark Richt's head.
Agree completely. Just because Vandy used to be pathetic doesn't mean they are doomed to Patheticville forever. They beat several decent teams this year. Yes, we're all honest enough to admit that the SEC is struggling, but we are not a pitiful group - we're pretty good but all still dealing with issues we knew about going into the season. Face it - all of college football is showing more parity. There were a lot of upsets this year, and a lot yesterday. TN fans, stop your pissing and moaning and just be a fan.
Kinda hard to run in the SEC with an undersized O-Line. Pittman is working on that, but it's not gonna get better overnight...
Mocs Coach Russ Huesman was the DC for the 2008 FCS Champion Richmond Spiders. Since taking over the program at Chattanooga the team has gotten better every year. They played very well on the defensive side of the ball. No, Bama wasn't motivated, but the Mocs definitely deserve some respect.