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It was amusing when Southern Miss fans were talking about Freeze last month, as Freeze makes $2mil a year at Liberty, and So Miss pays $500K and has trouble scraping that up. Auburn can obviously afford him, but I don’t know that Sankey is ready to allow him back in the conference.
Definitely need a blue stripe running down the side. I guess that our gray pants with red & blue stripes have been retired. Haven’t seen them lately.
Agreed, Diesel, I really liked the white helmets (with red insignia) that we have worn once or twice over the past couple of years with the road jerseys.
Not an Ole Miss creation. The credits say "Seminole Productions".
I thought that Derunnya Wilson from MS State was an underclassman.
I still have my "O the Coach" t-shirt. Great recruiter. He needs to stay away from Starkvegas!
Roll Tide. As much as I would like to see another SEC team (mine) in the title hunt, Alabama is representing the SEC, and I will be pulling for them!
Ole Miss spent the entire 4th Quarter in "prevent" offense and defense, trying to run out the clock, otherwise I believe that they could have tacked on another score or two. As pointed out by Tiger BTB, LSU has Top 5 recruiting classes every year, so player talent is not the problem.
Read it again. He was agreeing that your special teams mistakes killed your chances to win.
Agreed. We have played a couple of warm-up games. Obviously, we are playing a traditional SEC & national power this week. We will soon find out if we are a contender or pretender.
DC - It doesn't matter that the Rebels beat the 'necks in football, basketball (both games), and baseball (all 4 games) this school year. MooU had more players drafted in the NFL draft this year, so that trumps the sweep.......right?