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Yeah, like that. My comment was directed more at the writer than Auburn's offense. But War Eagle my friend.
How could Auburn's passing game get any worse??
I know. I can't imagine what they are thinking.
Bad move not starting Fouts. Murph should have ended it tonite. Now, whoever they play in the championship game, if they get there, will only have to beat them once.
No one should ever make any professional, or any other team roster, because of their beliefs. Ridiculous.
His feelings were hurt. Recovery time: the time it takes to find a mirror.
Well then by all means let's build a statue of him at BDS.
That was posted by the Sports Information Department, not the Softball Team.
Translation: Texas pays you in $100 bills, Auburn pays in $20 bills. Easier to spend $20's.
I'm not on this list. Therefore, it is a fraud.
The ONLY thing that will get the "missing link" fired is losing 5 games this season.
So the best and most current Auburn Football news is about the Baseball team. Ok then.
Same ole, same ole. Delusional LSU fans, and whining Bama fans. The Bama defense led the SEC in several categories last year. The notion that CNS would continue to employ a mediocre D coordinator is ridiculous. The game has changed. I recall shredding UGA's #1 defense in BDS last season. It was still a formidable defense.
I saw him dancing after a win one time.
Congrats to this team. Glad Bama finally got it right in a sport besides football.