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The ONLY thing that will get the "missing link" fired is losing 5 games this season.
So the best and most current Auburn Football news is about the Baseball team. Ok then.
Same ole, same ole. Delusional LSU fans, and whining Bama fans. The Bama defense led the SEC in several categories last year. The notion that CNS would continue to employ a mediocre D coordinator is ridiculous. The game has changed. I recall shredding UGA's #1 defense in BDS last season. It was still a formidable defense.
I saw him dancing after a win one time.
Congrats to this team. Glad Bama finally got it right in a sport besides football.
That must be it. The libs have ruined UGA Football. Good call.
What a waste. These players could have played on a championship team. Instead, they will play for the University of Underachieving.
Can we really trust Coach O after stating that last years defense was better than 2019? Some coaches should never approach a mic.
Sweet 16 in year 2. I think they only get better. Congrats, very proud of the bball team.
I don't understand why these recruits keep committing to UGA. What is Kirby selling them? 1 playoff appearance, absent on draft day, mediocre once they get to the league. Look at the teams that regularly make the playoffs, own draft day, and have successful NFL careers. That is where you want to go. Not that hard.
Greg Byrne was a great hire. Has really dedicated himself to elevating the other sports at Bama. Nate Oates was a quality hire.
My hat is off to Harsin for taking the job. Toughest job in the SEC,probably the country.
My mistake. The point being, Auburn plays the following teams EVERY year: Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Texas A&M. Each of these teams regularly finish in the top 5 in recruiting. #20 won't get it, and pushes Auburn further behind the 8 ball.
Ahem, #34 recruiting class. Come back slowly, take deep breaths.
Can you still buy punt vests?? Would love to own one. never gets old does it??