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It's true. We are nobody's rival. Until Tennessee starts to win again regularly like we did in the past, we won't be a rival to anyone.
How on earth is Pruitt, in his second year, a two? I say more like zero.
Interesting that of his top five, four hail from the SEC east.
One for the ages, we agree on something Bill! You are a hoot man. Respect your passion for Carolina.
Lol at least we have a history Bill. Good luck this fall.
The team I support has won multiple SEC Championships. How many has USC won? Again, congrats on your three game winning streak, makes that 10-25-2 record look a little better.
Yes, SC has a three game winning streak. Congratulations. That helps the 10-25-2 mark you have against Tennessee look a little better.
I don't get all the Chaney hate from UGA fans. Unless you are mad he left, which is the most likely reason. Kiffin should be on this list. He took Jonathon Crompton and beat the snot out of Georgia, which to this day earns him a spot in the top 25. Plus look at the good things he did with Bama.
Pruitt calling out Auburn's plays was the difference last year for sure. I like what he is doing as the head coach. I would have put Smart and Muschamp on the list.
Such sad news. Rest in peace big guy.
This^^ Cost and airfare is prohibitive. I try and catch one or two games a year in person, and it's great to see friends and family, but TV is really the best option for fans like me who live far away from their school.
I bet Mike Leach wants to play in the Gasparilla Bowl.
I used to fly in helicopters alot with my job, and I always liked that helicopter smell, a cross between Jet A and the flight helmet when you first put it on.
I am very sad. I remember as a kid listening to John Ward calling his name on the radio, could "see" him running on the radio. Rest in peace Reggie Cobb.
Man, that is such a bad call. And the missed double dribble, those refs probably had cops and guns escort them out of the arena. Good season Auburn. I hate to see it end like that for you.
First off, great article Connor O'Gara. Good points. Second, Auburn does need to lock in Pearl. NCAA bs aside, he is a helluva coach and I still like the guy. And last but not least, I am so glad to have Coach Barnes leading our program. Win or lose tomorrow, this season has been a great one that I enjoyed watching. Go Vols, beat Purdue!!
Bilas, lover of Duke has spoken. I would go Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky and LSU. Auburn is just too hot right now, Tennessee won two out of three over the cats, so slight edge and LSU is doing ok without Wade, but that absence will figure in I believe in the games tomorrow and Friday. My two cents.