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And happy for LSU. Y'all the real deal. Great win Saturday for your program.
Fearless prediction was spot on. Well done sir.
Can't believe basketball is back again! Another interesting early season match up for KY. Last year didn't end up so hot for the Cats vs Duke. I think this year will be different.
I remember that too paris. Smokey shenanigans and the beer barrel. Should change it to the bourbon barrel though.
Yeah, SDS regulars can handle this, others, not so well. Should be a heckuva ball game though.
Yes it is. Kentucky owns us with a wide receiver at QB.
He is a great recruit out of SC. Just like the old days when Fulmer owned the state.
Yeah lightning in a bottle that game, but y'all looked good today. Dominant on third down on both sides of the ball. Well done.
How on Earth did this Georgia team lose to South Carolina?
Too bad the refs can't help him out like his team.
Pat Forde voted for Woodson over Manning for the Heistman. That's all you need to know.
Those darn refs. Getting shut out in the second half and dunked on repeatedly by number 15 had nothing to do with the 20 point beat down.
Thanks Bill. Good luck to your team the rest of the way.
100% agree with you about the refs. What a wildcard they are turning into.