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I sure hope he is wrong on this. Wasn't it during WW2 the last time college football season was cancelled?
Good win, especially coming from down 17 at Rupp Arena. Fulk just dominated those all americans on the KY team. And Air France kept on doing what he does. Fun to watch!
I love the comment section, especially for articles like this one. Pure gold. And I love that orange!
Hank 3 would be an excellent choice for a halftime show too
Wife liked, I didn't. Not a big fan of the ladies performing. But they sure looked good.
Big whoop. So what, nothing here. LSU won the freaking Natty, and celebrated the win in appropriate fashion. OBJ was a little over the top, but that's on him, not LSU. To say this is an indicator of things to come is short-sighted and plain wrong.
Seriously? Oklahoma? No way. Just stop with this BS.
Love hearing Romo call a game. Booger and Tess need to head back to Charlotte.
Mike Leach in the SEC is a good thing.
This^ I believe the east is getting tougher. Bowl results provide a small sample of that.
Whatever Trey decides, it has been awesome watching him play on the O line, tossing defenders around like ragdolls. Thank you Trey!!
So, SEC East undefeated in bowl season. Well done. Beat Clemson LSU