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John Crist is the GG Allin of columnists. Well played Crist, well played. You know your SDS demographics well.
Hmm interesting a Vol fan doesn't know about Frost. Ask Peyton about Frost. He ran all over the Vols in the Orange bowl as the Nebraska QB. Learn some more about him. He would be an upgrade over Butch, no doubt.
Great example to all coaches that ain't cutting it. Butch Jones you watching?
UT will make a bowl.Bama gonna Bama, because they have the best coach in the damn country.Kentucky will be Kentucky.Vanderbilt, oh Vanderbilt. Their D is lights out. Should be a good game this weekend.
Pretty sure Sept. 30th will be one circled on our calendars. You guys will be wanting some payback for last year. That is always a helluva game here lately between the dawgs and vols.
Wow, great article, captures it well! I remember that 2001 game, holy cow, tore the house apart with that win. Good times. I also remember the 2015 game, just gut wrenching. Really looking forward to Saturday. Thanks for the great article Kevin!
Saban gonna Saban, media be damned. Glad Florida vs TN is on CBS, and not ESPN. I think Miss State will play LSU harder than people think. Kentucky will put an end to the fawning SC love.
You do your thing, I'll do mine. God bless America and God bless America's President, Donald Trump.
Great article. Sucks that it is only frickin Tuesday. Florida week seems like the longest week every year. And I am glad we that the swamp is open for business. Thoughts and prayers to all Florida people affected by Irma.
MSESPN will probably promote her and give her a raise. If this was a conservative calling out a liberal, they would have already been fired. I think this is what everyday Americans are sick of, and why Trump is so popular with us common folk. He seems pretty normal, yeah he's loaded, good on him. He plays golf, plays with his grand kids, and loves America. Not a white supremacist.
Yeah, I have a feeling FU's running game will experience a resurgence this week. Our defense would have trouble with my high school teams rushing attack.
Pretty harmless and funny. At least we dont poison trees.
Great win Dawgs! That was awesome watching you guys beat stupid over rated ND. Shout out to the Sooners who treated Ohio State like a chew toy. Then buried them.
Shame indeed. Evan Williams 100 proof is delicious. Even the black label 86 is very good for a tailgate party.
Don't confuse the baseball writer with facts.
Glad to get the W. Tech is a tough team. Good game to them.
Best wishes to Eason. Wish him a very quick recovery. No need for that kind of hit, he was almost in the hedges. Cheap shot.
Finally its football season! Have to wait until Monday for the Vols to play. That sucks but still great football games to watch. FSU and Bama should be a good one. FU and Michigan too. I love college football!
Why is MI v FL so much? I thought Bama FSU would be the highest payout per team. Still alot of money though.
I love college football. I live for Saturdays in the fall, and especially the ones down south. It is a shame that espn has to interject political crap into everything.
Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug. If you are a tech jacket,you are always the bug. UT is driving down to Atlanta for some bug splattering.
Yeah, pretty canned. It is like we went in looking for a steak, and got tofu covered spam instead. Completely agree John.
He can say no matter how bad a defense he puts on the field, his defense still stomped the snot out of the ky jelly wildcats.