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They don't call it March Madness for nothing. Good luck to all the SEC teams! Except Florida, still mad about the cheap shot on Fulky.
History of civilization eh? I bet the Roman gladiator fan base at the Colosseum was pretty bad. Especially the emperor fan with his thumb.
At least UT beats their opponents. Can't say the same for our blue clad friends from up north.
Had the 53 dead on. Great to see Tennessee with the complete destruction of Mizz though. Good game.
Mizz is legit. Tennessee is legit. Something will have to give Wednesday night! I am excited to see how Tennessee and Mizzou handle each other's defense. I see the game ending up with a 59-53 type of score, with free throws at the end adding to the winning teams total.
After watching Pruitt et al royally screw up the QB spot, really excited for Air France and basketball season.
Coach Saban is absolutely right. It is hard to overcome turnovers. Especially turnovers that lead to cheap points. Our starting qb is a cheap points turnover machine. But it is 2020, so there is that.
Congratulations Kentucky. Enjoy a big old glass of bourbon with a special toast to JG for being an elite thrower of interceptions. 2020.
Just out a 2020 by the record instead of the asterisk. This year sucks.
Get well soon Coach Saban. Wish you all the best.
At least that terrible Beth Mowins or whatever her name is ain't calling games. I would rather watch in silence then hear that call.
Tall order for the Vols. Georgia is a very solid football team.
Stirring the pot I see. This was what almost 20 years ago? Please focus on this week.
Ahh, Kentucky. Stick to making great bourbon. You do that well.
Excited about the match up with UGA this week. So many storylines with this game to follow.
True, good sportsmanship by Saban. I meant that in how he doesn't want his players to hold back.
I don't think "hold back" exists in Coach Saban's vocabulary.
After that performance, I would expect a few more losses. Brennan was slow with his progressions. Not having Stingley hurt.
Hear you fuzz on lack of practice. But no matter how much you practice, you still need to play with discipline. Banks has a ways to go in that department. 10 yards rushing in the first half with our o line is not good. Glad to get the win in a tough environment, lot of upside with our team.