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I have always thought the Outback was a cool bowl. They like go through a herd of cattle just to provide both teams with all that delicious steak!
Wow, I have seen some wild comments on SDS, but this one takes the cake. You can't make a comment like this and claim to be a college football fan. By your metric, the entire SDS commentariat are braindead zombies.
I have Georgia big in this one. Tofu can't cover that well. They have all the pieces, including Stetson. I think their defense will destroy the bama qb and leave him crying for momma. Good luck Dawgs!
Great article Connor! Happy Thanksgiving to the SDS family of commenters!
How about "Gary Danielson calls outstanding game Saturday, people want him to read audio books to them". Now that would be some news.
Counzo gonna Counzo. Mizz you have my sympathy. Just for today.
Maybe. Just to be clear, only garbage on the field is from Kentucky.
@Corch. I think Coach H has us on the right track. Congratulations to your team. I believe going forward it will be Georgia and Tennessee battling for the east. We have some catching up to do.
It's all good. This is why the SEC is simply the best. Love the memories, traditions and the voices of the past. (Mr. Ward and Mr. Munson). Go Vols!
Beth Mowins is an FCC violation. She should be banned from calling football games.
History is very relevant in college football and will continue to be.
Ugh, good stinking grief! Mowins is terrible! Terrible I say!
Not surprised to see this continues on.
Good points. UGA has a frickin' Death Star defense and you guys are poised to win it all this year. But what I fear is a ref taking that away with a poor call. And with the work, blood, sweat and tears that coaches, players and fans invest in their teams, it is a shame that shoddy officiating can take all that investment away. If the SEC is going to be the true leader among conferences, then they need more accountability in this regard.