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Ok, just for Adam. Drink is a dork, and Mizzou hasn't played anyone of substance, so they deserve zero credit. Seriously though, Mizz is looking good, but the schedule thickens up some here in the last half.
Don't you have some signs to steal? Typical cheating soft schedule Michigan fan.
Same for UT as well. Another strength on strength.
I was wondering if that was just my computer or if everyone else was experiencing text/font issues. Thanks.
Have you seen Michigan's schedule? Talk about a murderers row to open with. First three are non con cupcakes, then powerhouse Rutgers, give me a break.
Not smart, letting him go like that and keeping some of those other weirdos. For me, he was the glue guy for GameDay, but like others have said, he will be fine. One door closes, another one opens up.
Just don't see the draw for the big 10 product like what the sec puts in the field. CBS is in for a rude awakening once the real numbers start rolling in mid season.
Narrative was pushed hard by Greenberg, Bilas and Davis on basketball GameDay yesterday. Talk about passive aggressive. Go watch the Duke segment they did and judge for yourself.
Awesome win! Fun having your ticket punched to the sweet sixteen and watching other teams play knowing you are in.
I don't know, our offense is pretty sad without ZZ. Those long scoring droughts hurt especially against good teams. But take the win all day, it's the big dance, just win man. Duke will be tough.