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Alvin was an amazing player! The intern underutilized him. I would love to have AK back for a season.
Well said. Wish they would just stick to sports. Pure sports. Then no need to turn off comments.
I think Georgia will get over the hump soon. I would get rid of the wings. I love ribs, going to smoke some this weekend. And make hot dogs for the kids. Steak is good too.
Well SEC is number one in pretty much everything else, may as well lead on this too.
No live sports? Nascar returns Sunday. At least that is something to watch.
I know every fan base has insane fans, but it sure seems like the Georgia crowd is particularly obnoxious. Every single recruiting story is littered with them. Keep it rolling Coach Pruitt!
I worry about Pons hitting his head on the rim, that guy can get up. I hope he comes back for his senior year.
That's pretty awesome. And not even fair. Ceh will be fun to watch in that offense.
NashvilleGator knows history. And college football history is part of what makes it so awesome.
Sugar Bowl>Rose Bowl. National Title win>Semi-final win
Smoke and Rose sounds like some kind of Kentucky bourbon.
Why take immediate action? Make faking injuries a part of the tape review. If the SEC office reviews the tape, sees the blatant fake, then hand out a suspension to the fakers. If the faking determines the outcome of the game, then the fakers forfeit. Pretty straight forward. Don't fake injuries.
ESPN will probably replace Kirk with Beth Mowins on Gameday
That would be interesting to follow, especially if basketball is going on. I believe all options should be on the table.