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Agree, sitting here at halftime of our game praying the refs stay invisible.
I think lost in all the cheating and suspension stuff, is the fact that these three games between Florida and LSU were awesome! down to the wire in all of them. I enjoyed watching them as a fan.
Gotta admit, the saga of Will "Strong ass offer" Wade vs LSU is great theater.
Anybody noticing a common thread among the schools with Tigers as mascots in the SEC?
"Strong ass offer. Hell of an offer. For a two to three year kid." Wow. I wonder what else they have on Mr. Strong Offer.
Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky need to step it up. Seriously, wow. That is impressive.
Ole Miss fans. Best cup throwers in the SEC. Also the worst losers.
@CrankE. Good points. However, I think it is fair to say that maybe the biased officiating from the lead official played a role in losing that lead? I don't think that the conference favors LSU at all, but I do believe that a biased referee favored LSU during the game. But like I said earlier, time to move on to Ole Miss. Still a lot of basketball left.
Refs are a part of game. But this ref in particular is a really bad look. Look at the whistles this ref had, the game reviews, they show a bias towards LSU. But it's over now, maybe a lesson is learned here and all teams can benefit from better, unbiased officiating going forward. Got to get ready for the sharks or rebels, whatever they call themselves these days.
I know right? Should buy a LSU jersey and a stuffed tiger and chunk that sucker on the court if needed. Maybe all teams should have the designated "other fan" just in case. Of course tigers are plentiful in the SEC, so just one would cover you for LSU, Auburn and Missouri games.
Barnes is right about the dog days. Playing the same teams twice, and they know the scout on the other players very well, makes it tough. The ball will start falling. Better to slump now then in March. Time to get ready for a good LSU team.
I vote the scream and run in terrorized disgust.
I was at the Bristol game, and the hoopla around the game was cool. The game itself as far as "seeing" the game, not so much. I recorded and watched it on TV later and thought that was a much better experience. These racetracks are just too big for a football game. But I get why they want to do it. NASCAR is struggling right now big time.
Just like a Georgia National Championship. Not coming soon.
Yeah, we have been down in football, you got me there. Seriously though, even though I dislike Missouri greatly, and enjoy poking the tiger, you guys did get hosed.
Perhaps you should enjoy that post season ban, scholarship reductions and all the other sanctions. Tennessee will always be more of a football school than Missouri. As for basketball, you have one more beating coming from the Vols soon.
They own a post season ban, scholarship reductions and other sanctions. But not Tennessee.
Yeah with cheating football players. Missouri sucks.
So what, he is studying something there. Besides, Missouri sucks, why else would he choose, unless he is getting "extra" benefits?
Probably why Bryant wanted to go to Missouri, they give out "extra" help.