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Thank you for this Adam. I am old enough to remember when the radio was the only way you could "see" the game. Munson, Ward, Scully, Hubert, Gold, all legends. Sorry I didn't list them all here, but respect to all.
It is talking season. So he is talking. But to be clear, the only roasting that happened was on the field. And his team is still smoking from that beatdown.
Yep. Lot of hate coming our way soon. Still was a good ride. Congrats to the domers.
Having lived in Oregon for a few years, I find this hard to believe there was "nothing available". You mean they are driving through the state capitol of Salem to almost Portland to get to the team hotel? Auburn sucks, but even they don't deserve this treatment.
First paragraph, decent points made. Last two, totally disagree. Just stop with the other fanbases stuff. This holier than thou junk is rich coming from other SEC fans.
Good game Vols! Great response to the adversity. On to game three.
Congratulations ND. Played a good game tonight. See you tomorrow.
I believe they are holding Bertrand for tomorrow due to a short rest period. He pitched Sunday of this week.
Doesn't have the same ring to it. What the heck is reliaquest? Not as good as a steak I bet.
I have UT, ATM machine, OSU, Arky and Southern Miss winning. Go Vols!
I hear you. Sticking the baseball tournament behind a paywall stinks. It's included with my cell phone plan, so I am able to catch all the games.
Saw that. Not a smart move by the camel toe gang. But they did whoop GA Tech. I think Dollander will dissect them with his pitching later today. Go Vols!
That was a crazy comeback man. I admit, I saw the score and the inning and was like what the heck LSU, losing big to Kenny State. Then LSU is like, hold my beer, boom, 10 run 8th. Good stuff!
One more add-on, noticed the latest softball article has comments disabled. Just my opinion, but the comments are what make SDS fun to read. If there were no comments available to read, would it still have the draw? I think not. Why do you think the comment section has its own sponsor? The comment section is half, if not more of the draw for most folks.
I guess it will now be known as Softball Down South judging by all the softball articles of late.
The SEC Meetings are an endless fountain of content for everyone. It just means more.
Tim Brandon is a moron. He is disappointing as an analyst, broadcaster, you name it.
Congratulations Vols!! Dominant performance, and a great bat flip.
@Fuzzy, I 100 percent agree, 2 a.m. baseball is a bit much and very dumb.