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Big whoop. So what, nothing here. LSU won the freaking Natty, and celebrated the win in appropriate fashion. OBJ was a little over the top, but that's on him, not LSU. To say this is an indicator of things to come is short-sighted and plain wrong.
Seriously? Oklahoma? No way. Just stop with this BS.
Love hearing Romo call a game. Booger and Tess need to head back to Charlotte.
Mike Leach in the SEC is a good thing.
This^ I believe the east is getting tougher. Bowl results provide a small sample of that.
Whatever Trey decides, it has been awesome watching him play on the O line, tossing defenders around like ragdolls. Thank you Trey!!
So, SEC East undefeated in bowl season. Well done. Beat Clemson LSU
That was great. Glad he did that to stupid Michigan and their idiot coach.
Dang it Auburn. Tough loss. I thought your D line would dominate the Gophers. What happened to your defense?
Very well done and congratulations LSU. What a win and dominant performance. Condolences to the families of the folks lost in the plane crash.
Wow, Food and Beverage director at this Marriot should have seen this coming. I get it if this happened at some other hotel, but the designated LSU hotel? Know your demographic and order beer accordingly.
So a teammate beat up the starting QB so bad he won't play in the bowl game? Did I read this right? How does this even happen?
Especially from this writer. Re: Trey Smith won't play a game this season. From an earlier bold prediction. Wrong on that one, wrong on this one is my bold prediction.
Very saddened to hear of his passing. I loved reading his and Chris Low's SEC blog. Just really sad. Condolences to his family.
Yeah, we just lost our PG for the season, huge loss. I don't know how we will handle SEC play, or even make the dance. Gotta play the games, but I am not optimistic at this point.
Manziel with Joe Burrow not far behind.
Thank you Mr. Turner. Good luck to you going forward. Will miss seeing you in a Vol uniform.