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Totally agree. Not like whistles cost a lot of money.
Very thankful to have football on tap for this Saturday.
I used to enjoy watching Gameday. Not anymore. Just tune in for the game, then tune out.
Pretty sure Mr. Dobbs will be just fine. Rocket science is his specialty and his smarts and knowledge will be in high demand for a long time.
I love watching Trey Smith play on the O Line. Phenomenal player.
I hate Auburn. Great title. Beat em like a drum. He flipped Auburn the bird.
Lots to unpack with this schedule. Hope we get to play it all. Florida Tennessee in December reminds me of 2001.
Word is UGA gonna get smacked by Bama. That's why your choke artist coach is talking about crowd noise.
Sounds like the Kirbster is already tempering expectations for the upcoming Bama beatdown.
26-10 all time. Win a conference title first,we have won several, but please, by all means put us in our place. Silly gamecock fans.
Completely disagree oskie. There are no fluke games in the SEC. Especially winning on the road in the SEC.
Me too. It will be a long fall without football. Good luck to the real tigers!
I like the draw we got. Pruitt flat out owns Gus and he has more horses now, so I think Auburn is a good draw. Getting ATM at home is not bad either.
Guarantano just threw another touchdown on your secondary. Seriously though, I just hope we get to play this fall.
Upstategator makes some solid points here. This is not a good look for the conference.
Agree with this. Nate is very good coach. Don't sleep on the tide.
Really glad Air France came back. Hope hoops can be played because it feels like this is the year for Coach Barnes with this embarrassment of riches in the backcourt.
Would like to hear the other side of this story. Media today seems very quick to say bad look based on one side of the story without presenting both sides.
Wishing all the best to you sir. Get well soon Coach Battle.
Well, he owned the Tide and crushed them regularly, much like Saban owns us now. Be interesting to see how the scheduling shakes out.
Dang, how about these draws?? LSU and Ole Miss for us. Florida got shafted, Georgia, wow, nice draw boys.
I mean it's almost like a f u to the NCAA who just granted a waiver to start the season sooner. SEC is like watch this.
I don't understand the delay until the end of September. Looks like no OU game either. Dang. Wonder what the schedule will look like??