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Dear @LesEast: you missed a fairly big point to include in your recap. Kayshon Boutte just broke the SEC single-game record for receiving yards with 308. True frosh. Pretty crazy Ole Miss didn't double-cover him, given other LSU WRs kept dropping balls that hit them in the hands. What a FUN game to watch...Wow!
Another piece of irresponsible reporting. Will sports reporters stop trying to get the scoop, and be accurate? Or does nobody really care?
Did anyone hear the full ESPN podcast where Herbie said this? Was Herbstreit criticizing LSU? Or just OBJ? Or is this more clickbait, taking a portion of a quote and making someone's comment out of context? OBJ seemed the only person out of hand. He looked really high, or something. Acting erratically. In the locker room, kids looked like they were enjoying their moment with the stogies. No business critiquing that. [Those huge, rum-barrel-aged cigars are produced by La Aurora for Karl Malone, whose kid, KJ, played for LSU and is now a team trainer or some such.] There's afterparty vids of Burrow dancing, sporting a "Big D*^k Joe" cap. Maybe a gag gift, but like Freddie Kitchens' "Pittsburgh Started It," I just would never wear stuff like that, knowing how sensitive everyone is about every little thing, how everyone's videoing me on their phones, and how easily stuff could be a potentially negative social media volcano.
When someone puts a word in quotes--like "journalist"--that's what it means. Consider my quotes air quotes.
SEC CG bets are Alabama and Florida. LSU has 9 juniors and some All-SEC/All-American seniors heading to the NFL draft, but a lot of good talent there and a few incoming frosh (Arik Gilbert replacing Thad Moss?) are likely to play early. Journalists make Brady's departure bigger than it is...LSU has the Ensminger-Brady playbook against 7 top 10 defenses, Ensminger's still LSU's OC and primary playcaller, and Jorge Munoz is a former OC on staff who can easily replace Brady as 3d/red zone playcaller. The bigger issues are QB (as always, with LSU), LB, and who they get to replace Dave Aranda. Hiring the right DC will be a big deal. Odd that "journalists" like Wassoon here keep crapping on Orgeron and bringing up his stint at Ole Miss as if it's relevant to his current coaching ability. Think his personal and career growth story, and the storybook year for LSU, is pretty amazing. Do most people feel like he'll revert to an Ole Miss record, or is that just wishful thinking by non-LSU fans? I don't understand the mudsling attitude.
Yet another reason Finebaum is CFB's longstanding "tramas putidas" (stinking trash). Hope that cretin retires soon and takes Verne Lundquist with him.
Most LSU fans I know consider Ole Miss the historically hated rival, but Alabama the most hated team (for obv reasons, the 2011 NCG fiasco and every game since). Most Ark fans I know consider LSU their big rival.
You place no blame on LSU coaches, but you should, as should everyone who saw any portion of those two games. The O game plan vs. both Bama and Ark was poor and continues the predictability that O has had for 5-8 years. (No motion, no use of LF7 and Guice as slot receivers vs. LBs, very few sets with 3 WRs, very few short-passing schemes...Cam Cameron is lousy in both scheming and QB development). And while Steele has very thin D to work with -- and possibly CFB's worst DB (Rickey Jefferson) -- their D has been gutted up the middle repeatedly earlier in the season by shoddy teams like WKY and SYR, and Steele did nothing to help them vs. much stronger R attacks from Alabama & Arkansas. To have two LBs spread wide vs monster R attacks like those, and DBs 15y away from the receivers so they make easy plays in space = flat-out idiotic. LSU will probably get eaten alive by Ole Miss but come back to slaughter A&M back in BR. BTW, LSU played W. KY, not KY, but hey, who fact checks these days?
with the emerging awareness around concussions, it's utterly stupid for anyone to smack anyone's helmet in celebration. when i played football, i told all my teammates to never slap my helmet after i made a good's still getting your bell rung and even it's just dinner-bell level of ring, not good for your head.
99% sure the committee won't pick 2 teams from same conference, unless there is serious, serious, unimaginable chaos and losses for most or all undefeateds. The four will likely come from conf champs (SEC, B1G, ACC, Pac-12 and/or Big12) w/Notre Dame as wildcard. But hey, 2007 got LSU in as a 2-loss so it's not over til it's over. OSU, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Baylor or OU or OSU are all gonna have big games they could lose this month. Bama, Clemson losses pretty unlikely.
Same thoughts as Proguy28: doubt Irksay can lure him back to the NFL. Saban is a god in Bama, (deservedly), gets carte blanche / total control atop a mega-salary, pulls in great recruits, wins, is loved. All the BS with NFL HC jobs...not worth it.
"Your university..." "You're" very welcome.
Sweet promo spot. Best Instagram post is the Gamecock kids eating hot dogs. The LSU baby can already ball, and will have a scholarship offer when he turns 10.
Issue certainly falls heavily on poor OCs like Gary Crowton and QB coach Kragthorpe who, due to illness, was ineffective and moved to admin post. Also, Cam Cameron has yet to adjust the offense to suit current QB skills, both of whom worked out of shotgun in HS. Mettenberger improved one year, but was still very slow in the pocket. Looks slower on Sundays. So recruiting to the system is off, or adjustment to the talent is off, or both.
Good analysis, Brett. Recent article gives rundown of recent LSU QB history:
Daylon Mack & Kyle Phillips would have been good defensive players for LSU, but they were not solid commitments and were more than likely outside chances to pick LSU anyway. Chavis was not and is not a great recruiter, either so, in reality, his departure will be good for both him, A&M, and LSU (assuming LSU lands a good DC after the National Coaches' Conference this weekend).