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I really didn't expect to see this. Anyway, regardless of his draft stock, gotta wish him nothing but the best. Great kid.
I'll say this: Before that tweet, I had not heard of Mr. Moe, or at least had no recollection of him as a player.
I'm not sure which you know less about -- football or the human body. I'm guessing you have no experience with either outside your imagination.
I literally laughed out loud. Best comment ever.
Too soon. Think about it: new hire who won the East with a young O-line and massive QB problems. The offense may be all but dead, but I bet it improves significantly next year. As much as I hate that idea. Team would really have to crash and burn for him to be on the hot seat his second year, IMO.
Nah. Just using up the leftover Kiffin material from the bitter days.
If he had anything underneath, I'd be inclined to agree with you.
As much as I loved getting the win, I was sad that it had to come in Pinkel's last home game. I know I'm not alone among Volunteer fans in thinking that. You didn't let your team down, coach. You never have, and that's why you get respect from all of us. Godspeed in your future. Stay strong.
The real tragedy here is that the band is too small to spell "anaconda" or "crotch cobra".
I got no dog in this fight, but that's the first comment on a football board that's ever made me laugh out loud.
Yeah, it's hard to hate Saban. You really just have to admire the guy and respect his team. It's annoying as hell. But I can't wait for the day this game returns to its rightful place as our biggest every season. Looks like it might take another couple of years of us building depth, but I'm eager. My friends who are Bama fans are eager for that, too.
Wishing Chubb emotional strength in his recovery and rehab. Such a talented young man. I bet he still has a bright future.
LOL. Yeah, I was about to be all upset and call for a suspension when I first heard this, then I watched the replay and saw why. I'd have stepped on that hat, too.
Thank you for a classy and well-reasoned reply, DLU.
Yeah, but isn't it ESPN that has the woman announcer? I'd rather have Uncle Vern. Hell, I'd rather have anybody else. I have to turn the sound off when she's on. I'm sorry about how sexist that sounds. Can't help it?
I have always respected -- heck, even liked -- Richt. He does the right thing. Way to go, UGA.
People need to lay off the talk of firing Jones. That's absolutely ridiculous. We lost these two games because of poor tackling and poor pass coverage. Yes, the play-calling was conservative at times, and not going for two made no sense, but we let teams come back because we couldn't execute on defense. If you're going to take a closer look at somebody, go with defensive coaches. But when you do, keep in mind that all but two or three guys are indeed still young. I think we've come a long way. Yeah, we're still a year or maybe two years away from being a major contender, but who ever said you could raise a football team out of the gutter in under three years? Wait till we get Dormady or Guarantano in there. THEN you'll see some serious downfield passing. (No disrespect to Dobbs -- love the kid -- but I think his early accuracy issues may have gotten into his head.)
That's a lot of talk coming from a guy whose team was owned for three quarters.
Agreed we haven't been a powerhouse in 10 years, but if you think we're "not even close to a powerhouse," you need to do some research. You're probably too young to remember, so I guess it's understandable. Still, even powerhouse programs go through years of losing. Seriously, look up all-time NCAA football records and see where we land on the list.
What was the purpose? Was it after the tornadoes or something?
I was wondering about that myself.
Funny thing is, I bet most of us had a lot of respect for Striker before that. His team said it on the field. No need to go mouthing off.
I'm guessing even Georgia fans hate you.
I'd be a lot happier if these were power rankings.