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Equally important whether or not Keith Ford plays for Texas A&M. Traveon Williams is a great big lay back but it's great to change turnover with he and Keith Ford, who runs really physically. If Keith is out James White will have to step up and be the battering ram. He's our biggest back but doesn't get those extra fall forward with defender yards like Keith. As much as is made of Kamara, Hurd, and Dobbs....A&M backfield is really similar with Ford, Williams, and Knight. Difference ist hat Texas A&M has been able to keep pounding away with the run and eventually the dam bursts and they get that big play that takes the wind out of a defenses sails. It's been fun to watch. If UT's offensive line were more consistent, then we're looking at two teams with a lot of similarities. Special Teams edge goes to TAMU....these guys have been sending special teams players to the NFL like crazy and really pride themselves on ST play.