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It would still count. He was OC for a good bit. I don't think disciple means it's necessarily your first coordinator job does it?
He's not going to any of the right schools to get a waiver
If I've learned anything from my few years of watching football, it's that the big story never ends up being the story. This one's a shootout
never underestimate bama backup qbs....
I imagine the recruiting pitch is something along the lines of "Everyone knows you can run but then you get hit. That's why we have running backs. If you don't get hit then you'll have a better path to the league." Dual threats are QBs first, runners second. When you grossly mismanage them and don't let them throw you end up with Fields @ uga
I think that's why there're always Saban rumors every year. We don't think he's actually going anywhere, we just want him to
These are the same people who blame the media for overreacting when the fans are perfectly happy sitting back and letting it play out
Pulling for mini-soda here. Anything to upset the powers-that-be
Dawgs also benefit from having their loss earlier in the season. They've had time to move on from the L. Recency matters with L's more than W's.
Put Minnesota up there. Undefeated with a good win (finally). I know the committee heavily favors the eye test, but at this point in the season the undefeateds should be leading the rankings imo
As ridiculous as Colin is, #5 saban on tv would be a ton of fun to watch. Give me Saban and Peyton announcing the SECCG please!!
I think LSU losing to UGA helps bama, hurts LSU. Cuz bama would have the best loss, LSU would have the most recent loss (bad in the eyes of the committee), Bama sneaks in just like they always do.
This is an article about CFP rankings, which are heavily influenced by strength of schedule. How is my comment trolling?
Funny how bama's strength of schedule gets hit because they don't play bama
He'll be equally if not more hobbled for this game. Which means this ranking still doesn't make sense
QB matchup is big, but I don't think it stacks up to last year's natty game (also with tua...) You know, the game that got "all of the NFL scouts" thinking about tanking for trevor instead of for tua?
Also why is that comment "awaiting moderation?" Is that happening to everybody else too?
Moral of the story: you don't want to be #1 this early
UGA dropped 2 leads over Bama to the backup qb, Braves gave up double digits in the 1st inning, Falcons blew the biggest lead in super bowl history. I've earned the right to poop parties!
Uga gonna lose to A&M. No logical reason, just that feeling
This move is like folding before a raise. He doesn't have eligibility to worry about, so there's no benefit in leaving mid season. If Nix gets hurt he'd have a chance to take over. See: Eason and Fromm, Franks and Trask, Alabama backups