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I'm gonna tell my uncle to apply
I just hope they don't put UGA in that way too early top 5. I hate being highly ranked preseason. Jinxes us for the season
The FG was the last points scored but the play of the game was the tipped field goal that went wide. Took points off the board for cincy and set up the rest of the game for us
OSU isn't going to embarrass bama like they did clemmy, but they're going to be more than just a threat
Lawrence has been clearly the #1 player in cfb since he was a freshman but there's always someone else who has a better individual year. My vote is for Smith but I'd also be dumbfounded if Lawrence went through his collegiate career without winning once
You're really gonna need to back that type of comment up with some proof
Au has to pay Gus $21 mil. If they can't find someone exciting it makes sense for them to pay as little as they can for a couple years until their budget comes back near balanced. Side note: I'd kill to be Gus right now with that buyout
The AU coaching search has gotten crazy enough that people are starting to praise Butch??? There's no way...
That's what I was thinking. They might still have to cool it for a couple years while they pay off Gus. Best way to do that is with a cheap HC
I didn't think derrick henry deserved it but it's been 5 years and no one's tried to take it away from him. If Mac wins he wins
I hadn't thought about it that way. I go back to the UGA/FLA game where a UGA player got hurt every other play. My friends who are exercise science profs pointed out how lack of spring training & practice led to more injuries this year. So OSU playing 6 games makes me concerned for the player's safety as well which is, supposedly, what this whole year has been about.
Absolutely absurd the NFL pays $0 for minor leagues or development
Look, I don't like them but whenever OSU takes the field they look like a top 4 team. The debate becomes "most deserving" vs "4 best." I think OSU gets it whether they deserve it or not
Please Santa, let me have a beer with Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin. I'll never ask you for anything ever again pinky promise
2nd funniest penalty this year after pickens' "unsportsmanlike hydration" personal foul
Watch them hire Gary Danielson Don't tell the players how much that contract is worth!!
They definitely didn't do themselves any favors early on, but I think they'll try their best to make sure they get represented in the CFP. Just like every other year, it's "best 4 teams" vs "most deserving 4 teams" and I think OSU has a spot basically clenched, regardless of strength of schedule
SEC office will be playing their cards that OSU won't make it in based on too few games and TAMU will slide in regardless. Game won't happen
tamu wins can't believe the crap lsu is getting less than 12 months after finishing the best season in cfb history
So instead coaches should just continue lying to their players and press about how committed they are to the program then leave anyway when they actually get the job offer? Bad look for sure but I'm glad someone's saying it how it is
But it used to be a black bear now it's a grizzly
Georgia tries to out-recruit itself every year and the players get the memo. Go where the playing time is! Best of luck to yall
It's been really fun to watch JT. Suddenly the receivers are all open and catching balls. It's not worth thinking about "what could have been" because frankly both of our losses were blowouts and aren't guaranteed to be W's with him in.
Idk if anyone else was watching the OK State v Texas game but the blown calls there were some of the most bias reffing I've seen in a longg time
It's also never a guarantee that these players recover quickly. My friend had it bad for a month
Could affect how he stacks up with Mac Jones for Heisman but if anyone says that missing this week puts fields closer I will fight them. 2 months of not playing should eliminate big 10 from consideration