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Idk if anyone else was watching the OK State v Texas game but the blown calls there were some of the most bias reffing I've seen in a longg time
It's also never a guarantee that these players recover quickly. My friend had it bad for a month
Could affect how he stacks up with Mac Jones for Heisman but if anyone says that missing this week puts fields closer I will fight them. 2 months of not playing should eliminate big 10 from consideration
My personal favorite idea so far is basically reducing sports to a World Cup or March Madness with no season. You get players quarantined just by the nature of the tournament and they leave when they lose, reducing the number of people who can spread the virus. Huge TV audience so the schools make money. Only problem with football is games can't be played rapidly in succession because they require a pretty long recovery time. I think in college football we'll most likely see conference games and that's it. No out of conference games, no bowls except new years 6
We'll do that anyway. When's the last time you met a happy Georgia fan?
Next up: SDS blaming "the media" (themselves) for over-reacting to things
Trying the same thing again this year because you're scared of placing outside the top 10 is not the mindset that lands you at #1
Seriously though can we make that a thing? Like maybe on a 4th and inches they can just take 10 paces with a quick turn for the 1st down
It's either: You live so close how can you not go here?! or You live so close why would you stay? I bet he stays
How do you figure they win more next year than the years after? I'd say they dip pretty hard next year due to attrition and coaching changes and should be pretty competitive again in 2-3
Doesn't even matter if they're young. That's more impressive than anything I'll ever do!
"Football is not who I am, it's what I do." love it
I believe Saban's made this point before, but do you think the trajectory of this kid's life is better at an elite school with positive peer pressure from both peers and coaches or left to find his own? The kid's just now graduating from HIGH SCHOOL. Any of yall remember what that was like? I sure wouldn't have apologized on national TV (much less been invited)
Good choice, bad reason (or lack thereof)
"anything is possible when it comes to the CFP" ...not really. Rivalry week? Yeah sure. CFP? Nah
I think baseball is the only sport that’s figured out how to manage this. It may not be perfect but it’s definitely doable. NFL has no incentive to change and NCAA is so corrupt it’s ridiculous
By the way, my iPad autocorrected Tua to tuna and now I feel like we’ve wasted years of not calling him that
Agreed with the title til I saw it was finebaum. Lawrence won’t sit out because he’s too competitive to do that, which is why he’s so good to begin with, but he totally should. How much is dabo making? How much does Clemson make off of him? How much does Lawrence make? Oh yeah. 0. And if he gets injured his $100 million is in jealousy (see: tua)
Plus wasn't he also associate head coach or something? If that doesn't scream "They barely kept me this year" I don't know what does. You're totally right, product of success
So UGA has "best 10-3" held down, TAMU apparently has the "7-5" title... which teams are claiming the records in between?