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i think smart and masons friendship really affected the score of this game (which I’m totally fine with.) Plus I got the feeling they didn’t wanna show too much of the pass game for Notre Dame to study on film, so they just kept pounding the run game.
I was so excited to see hot rod come out to boot some field goals. He’s so solid that there wasn’t anything to say about him during the preseason so I almost forgot about him. Boy are we gonna miss him when he moves on.
Yeah, y’all can still rack up plenty of division wins
No love for your eastern brethren?? Remember, the more we win the better it would look for you to beat us. Therefore, you should root for uga!
Couldn’t find SEC Network on Sling. Better believe I got plenty of updates from my TN uncle though. But if we’re picking a favorite TN moment, I’m still going with Butch’s TN trash can. You just can’t make that stuff up. Bentley has looked worse every season he’s been around, which is starting to feel like forever. We’ll see how long Muschamp sticks with his guy. You can’t give a guy his first start against Alabama (who’s apparently coming in week 3?) (also see: Faton Bauta vs fla) so you’re picking the guy for the next 2 games. Could put him on the bench to get him angry, make him want to play again.
I feel the same way. I’ve always loved watching eason play. But I’d rather have had them than not. That’s just good recruiting and Kirby isn’t slowing down. RBs at least get to share the load. In fact, the number of RBs are a positive for UGA. Minimize risk potential then go to the league to make your money.
That tiddy bounce lasted about 7 seconds too long
I don’t think you ever have to worry about uga not prioritizing the run game... But when you start worrying about getting hurt is when you get hurt. Let’s try to win some ball games and let the man loose!
Yeah I thought the receiver should've caught that first one. Bounced off his hands. Seems like Mullen is committed to Franks for the time being. It didn't seem like there was much debate about who was going to be playing QB over the offseason.
I had planned on turning it off at the half to watch the Braves with the way Florida started the game, but it devolved into such a weird, mind boggling Frankenstein of a game I just couldn’t. (Braves won 9-5, thanks for asking)
You can’t write articles like this and then 2 weeks later write another one about “the media overreacting” It seems like all of us are plenty happy to wait and see
This potato chip doesn’t taste as good anymore
They looked like absolute trash. Their problems (new qb, young OL) will improve over the course of the season at least
Ytf are any rankings being updated with only 1 game played???
“Franks was Miami’s best player” hahahahaha so true. Except maybe that speedy wr
What a terrible, wonderful, incomprehensible welcome back to college football. A terrible, young, overmatched Miami OL inflated the stats of what will probably end up being a pretty good FL DL. (But still, 10 sacks???? I think uga had like mid 20s THE WHOLE LAST SEASON!! That’s absolutely absurd) Some eager beaver refs from a notoriously poorly ref’d conference exaggerated some first game defensive issues. Franks has the mouth of a baker mayfield, but will be have the stats? Honestly, not a bad showing for a first game rivalry match. Recovered well from a rough first half, but obviously made some bad decisions that the defense bailed him out of. In conclusion? We didn’t learn anything about this Florida team
The Lee Corso comment made me laugh. Good one
Agreed. Unless they can prove that the university encouraged the tutor to act this way, it seems extra. I mean, have you ever tried to show your parents how to use the printer before? It takes about 5 seconds before it turns into "just let me do it"
??? (By the way, football & futbol fan here)
I agree, but I don’t think this article had any “_____ gets injured” reason for any team. That would really have to be a separate list. “Worst potential injury for each top 10 team” and then it would just list QBs
That was my thought too. The sample size of teams that lost their top 5 receivers seems like it would be small. The better argument I read was about returning 1000 yard receivers. Might’ve been on this site or dawgnation.. can’t remember. BUT, my point is this: uga doesn’t need 3 all star receivers. We need guys who can make big catches here and there. It’s ridiculous to think Kirby is going to abandon his O-line full of 5 star backups and his backfield full of 4/5 stars to air it out. The 2017 team went to the championship game because of Sony and Chubb (hey look, my username came up in a comment) and this team will have the same strategy. It only needs guys to step up here and there (see: terry godwin vs Notre Dame) This stat would be more of a concern for other teams, but uga is best equipped to handle it.
My vote is for a streaker wearing it as a cape. You know, since no poles are allowed
Video looks awesome, but this feels like one of those things where the video is better than the experience
Malzahn - 3rd basemen coach, stoops - 1st base coach, Jimbo - pitching coach
Any football team can win a big game here and there, but to win them consistently you need to be playing high schoolers with NFL players
It’s the OG turnover tradition. Seeing how every other school has copied it, I’d say it’s warranted