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Are they really just gonna use a normal pic of coach O like we won’t notice?? Saban and Gus look like they’re in a bilbo baggins lookalike contest
Perception is reality. If the team feels that they can't win a natty unless they beat bama, then that team needs to beat bama. Bama is (usually) a very real, tangible barrier to a championship. But it's also a mental barrier. I'd hate for the team to get so caught up in beating Bama that they didn't prepare for someone else winning the West, say A&M, then come to the SECCG and get whooped.
Smart always tries his best to be vanilla in front of the camera, but you can tell he knows what's going on and is preparing his coaches and team appropriately.
Ooo looks nice! Like an arcade or something
Pruitt always does a great job! Glad the TN rebuild is projected to take so long
Yeah. A little cross checking here or there. Seems like every article has at least one of these
ONLY 2 UGA ON THIS LIST??? We either have a LOT to prove as the underdogs, or all those top 5 preseason predictions are unfounded (in full transparency, i think polls don’t matter for the first month)
I’m glad he seems to have his life back on a good track. Very surprised his family stayed together. I believe in forgiveness, but you don’t forgive your friend for wrecking your car and give them the keys to your next one. Parents should have him under a microscope before and during and after their kids are in his program. What it comes down to is: liberty was desperate for a good coach, coach was desperate for a school.
Still can’t wait to see Eason play. That kid has always had me pumped
They aren’t benefitting from having a new coach anymore, like Texas is now. Michigan is being placed more fairly in the rankings
But I also want them to go 0-12 so I guess I’m conflicted
I want them to get to the playoffs vs uga so we can bully fields
Horizontal scroll??? Maybe that’s why I’ve been missing so much on my iPad...
Kirby seems to be aware of what his teams can do and does a good job designing the game around that. Look at his D at Bama. Think he came to uga and completely forgot how that works? He just hasn’t had the D line at uga that he wants
I think the layout looks objectively better, but it’s way hard to navigate. Like the team based tint is a cool touch
Love the idea just because of how crazy it is. Main problem I see here is how do u pick the 64 teams? Many people on this website, for example, would probably want all sec teams represented. My solution: add relegation like Premier League. Losers get dropped down to the lower tier, winners stay/get promoted. The main reason this won’t work: money. Too much money in the conferences and elite schools. Also people underestimate how absolutely nuts and exciting it would be
Headline was so small I didn’t even realize this was basketball recruiting
Anybody else having a terrible time using the new layout on an iPad? Usually look through a few pages of articles once every day or two, now there’s only like 6 recent articles?
Also, if cbs doesn’t feature it, it’s most likely a night game. Which would be awesome.
I do like how it gives South Georgians an opportunity to support the team. I’d feel bad for them having that taken away... but coach is gonna get what he wants. The pendulum swings. It seems opinions of inequality can be traced to certain eras of the game (spurrier)
Take out the L Enter: Stanford. Which came first, the acorn or the tree? Mascots fight to the death
Agree with wolfman. Thanks for the reminder. It’s too easy to assume things are fixed after a week when the news coverage stops. Family friend was the old mayor of Panama City beach (but not THE Panama City?), said they had to take out huge loans just to clear roads to even start cleanup. It realistically may never recover.
Nobody was excited when he was hired, they aren’t pretending he’s the next Saban or anything. Just trying to keep a positive image on their program. He’ll survive 7 wins this year, he’s got 3 seasons max without getting to 10
These mlb games on tv have been looking pretty full too