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I believe this is your team’s first trip to the natty since the installation of the four team playoff. Let me is Clemson’s FOURTH trip to the natty, out of 5. It seems that your team really is out of place at the natty. I can live with that because you won’t be back for a long time.
Clemson will win because TL is better than your Heisman QB....It’s that simple. Clemson plays its best in the big games. that just cuts me to the core....the anguish is are truly a mental giant. When Joe Burrow finally comes up against a real defense his ‘talents’ will be rolled back to last year. And there is no offense in the SEC that can touch Clemson, so your grrrreat defense will be naked for all to see. You guys really must accept that no one in your potent conference can beat Clemson. The more you degrade Clemson, the worse your teams look who have lost to
If I can’t say much else about LSU fans I must concede you have a sense of humor. I hate to say it, but it looks like 3 out 4 natty’s for Clemson, and another wait until next year for the SEC.
Reverse that score and you will have an early bed time.
Try this..lThis same Clemson team, beat a better Alabama team last January, 44-16...a cakewalk. You barely beat a much weaker Alabama and squeaked by Auburn, a team without an offense. In any event, I have learned these last several years that SEC fans have learning disabilities, certainly as it relates to Clemson. So once again, Clemson will whip yet another SEC team and you might finally realize Clemson owns the SEC. EAt crow, lol??.
Really..go to the ESPN site and check the predictor...hint, Clemson 55.8%...
You play a good game and I will be pleased to congratulate you. I won’t cry and moan and complain like the OSU fans, or like Saban last January, for that matter.
But this site is too much fun to leave. Actually, I like your coach a great deal more than R Day and I do believe this will be a great game. That being said, forget that I said it.
Dream on...TL and the team merely had to be awakened after sleep walking...that won’t happen again. Enjoy your moment of ecstasy for making the playoffs...
Enjoy that calm...I believe they call it the calm before the storm.
I sympathize with your excitement about this has been a long run for you and will likely be a long run after your one hit wonder goes to the Pros...but at least have a modicum of objectivity.
You speak of reason amongst all of this blind bias? Not even one of your seven or eight writers on this site viewed this game objectively. You better hope TL stubs his toe in this one because you won’t be back anytime soon...can you say...’quarterback goes bye bye soon?
We shall see who fails in swapping the biggest of games I will always take the bigger talent and a proven winner...TL does not know how to lose, but Burrow remembers it all too well from last year.
An interesting thought, but I want to see Clemson thump the SEC one more time.
If you think it’s falling now wait until
You continue making the mistake of assuming the superiority of the SEC and that is flawed thinking as it relates to Clemson. The have owned the SEC since TL was in middle school. Burrow is having a great you after a so so year in 2018. Lawrence has had two great years and already a national championship and Burrow has not yet enjoyed the speed and unpredictability of a Venebles defense. My cautionary statements will come to life next Monday evening.
The difference is you start down a road of swapping scores with TL and you WILL lose.
Nashville...Clemson has had 3 more picks they should have was a certain pick six. You can’t cherry-pick a the end the better team on that day works through adversity to pull out a victory...but by all means, keep believing they are just another Florida.
Expecting objectivity of SEC writers is much like trying to expect truth out of
I will say it again...Florida’s offense isn’t even in the same universe with Florida’s. Trevor Lawrence is extremely talented and does not know how to lose. The very premise that you use Florida to predict Clemson’s game scoring efficacy is extremely flawed.
Think again...the betting is frenzied and putting oddsmakers at an extreme much so that Clemson must win in order to save the Vegas odds you pause, doesn’t it? Trevor will match Burrow score for score easily, but he has the nation’s best defense to back him up. You want to join me on my little island? Beats the heck out of a mental hospital where the SEC sheep are flocking to...
Why in the world would you predict agame like Florida. The Clemson offense is much more lethal than Florida’s and their defense is rated number one overall in the country.
I love the objectivity of the writers of Saturday Down South. It seems impossible for SEC sheep to view tough games without obvious bias. The fact is, LSU has not played anyone at alllike Clemson and their number one defense in the country, and anyone that believes that Trevor Lawrence can’t match Joe Burrow in scoring, particularly with an inferior defense like LSU has as it relTes to Clemson, doesn’t live in reality.
When the SEC can’t beat Clemson in the playoffs they grasp for straws. What a joke you people are...
It allowed 3 points to A & M ( forget the garbage Ted they scored in the last minutes against the 3rd string defense. Check out the defensive categories they rank in the top 5 or so. The Louisville team is very talented and potent and they shut them down. Both BAMA and LSU have allowed lesser teams to score more points.
Clemson is bored with their schedule. It is not their fault. They have scheduled what normally would have have been top 10 or 15 , that is Auburn and Texas A & M. I don’t see many other teams across the country doing that. They beaten the best the SEC had to offer the last time they played them...Alabama, Auburn, Texas A & M, LSU and Georgia. Live with the fact that a truly great team does not have to be in the SEC.