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if she goes on the team will the butt slap be deemed sexual harassment? asking for a friend
lets just get rid of recruiting and signing day and let the recruits pick the school they want and let the AD/Coach decide if they get a scholarship. If not allow recruiting as soon as they are out of the womb
can we kick florida out of the united states. This is stupid. Puerto Rico can replace it
i mean 3* moms are good at cooking but cant do the laundry. 2* are good cleaners but cant cook that well. 1* moms forget to take the wrapper of the cheese when making grilled cheese and make the room even messier.
take the four away from forty you get 0. so that means that ND will not field a team and will forfeit. easy SDS math
is she the top rated mom of 2018. only take 4-5* moms we need them
it wasnt rigged Manti Te'os GF hit the blocker which was an obvious block in the back i dont understand why they didnt call it
he gets paid more from teams to help make auburn lose than be a back-up in the NFL
I misread the last sentence of his statement thinking he said "Already Im starting to get rich"
lets hope they are not the '15 Noles or the '13 Irish or the '07 Buckeyes. East Needs this but i dont want Georgia to have it
im not USC fan but Muschamp is not as bad as Dooley. Atleast he is improving
Candy will when the national Championship when Alabama fires Nick Saban for going 0-12 and the world would need to end as well.
Auburn did struggle but I will say the refs were bad at different points in the game. The fumble should not have called dead, the defender did not secure the ball while on the ground until he got up and picked it up. Also on the final drive, a UCF defender should have been penalized for a tackle when he nearly lifted an AU player up and threw him to the ground
is that his actual name thats what is important
good thing you put the word half there so the UGA fans could understand
Some people may not know that the IG was more like the straw that broke the camel's back. He apparently was a problem since his injury such as not going to rehab, not coming to games, skipping classes, and was found stoned in his room.
Going down this list i was like Auburn yep heard of those two, Florida heard of 3 of those names, LSU yeah i know the starter, Tennessee heard both of them but then i get to A&M and i am like who?