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Because rarely anybody recruits out of Maryville. It’s Tennesse first in a while. Patton Robinette was the last Maryville to get recruited to a FBS school other than the AF Academy
Bird was Receiver to DB. you even say he has receptions
Who wouldn't want to play in the most prestigious city in America? I would love to play in Boise. I heard everything is blue there so Kintucky should fell at home
Auburn has Arkansas and USC. Arkansas is slightly favored to beat Auburn but they lost the first game against them. USC has <10% chance to beat Auburn even though they won the first game. UT has State and UGA. UT is heavily favorited to beat UGA even with losing the 1st game. UT is slightly favored over state.
simply put... Peyton can drive in a circle like a normal human
Butch recruit anyone and everyone no matter if they didnt fit the system
lets just put every team in the tourney and see who wins
he is right. the stars are overrated. all the stars do is get you more attraction for schools. you may be 5 stars but suck in college. Or be a NR that only DII or DIII schools wanted but become an NFL superstar (Malcolm Butler).