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READ what the man said. MF'er. he had zero chance next year to play…. It's all about the same thing
Finebaum doesn't have either good guest or callers on his program. His best guess was Jim from Tuscaloosa at the Regions Open Golf Tournament.
I think De’Rickey needs to spend time in his English/writing class. His mother is a roll model? Shouldn't this be role model?
Connor O'Gara, What does this statement mean "What we also last year was Nick Fitzgerald repeatedly struggle with his accuracy, especially downfield"
The real kicker will be when it is released to the press what she did to him. It will make him seen like an angle. Just wait!
Ain't nothing better or more gratifying than going back home.
I agree. She needs to use her degree,get a real job and go to work.
Coach will make one statement on all new coaching hires after current recruiting class is singed and sealed. One announcement, no clutter.
What is Finebaum record as a coach at ANY level? If he can't keep something going, He ain't making money.
Totally agree, let Coach Saban do his thing.By the way, was told Finebaum didn't know how to put on jock strap!
Dabo, You forget the one person that brought you, Woody and Freddie together. Coach Stallings
Georgia doesn't belong in the Sugar Bowl. After they get a spanking from Texas Kirby will cry like a little baby again like he did after SEC Champion game. .
What is Jew boy Finebaum going to say now?