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He has a brother that does football on the SEC network with the same problem
Bobby the brain Negan: Please repeat after me, Second and twenty-six, second and twenty-six.
Fantasyfootballgod, I love your LSWho education. You spell Tuscaloosa not tuscalose. I knew you people cannot speak the English language very well, but now come the spelling. Maybe just maybe the Southeastern Conference will kick LSWho out of the conference when the Louisiana State Senate finishes their investigation into the title IV charges.
Who gives a rats azz about what happen in the ACC 45 years ago?
Tell the truth. LSU hired the baseball coach as the AD. Ya'll expect a football coach to work for a baseball coach?
TazMan you don't need to worry about who is or isn't playing quarterback at Alabama. You need to worry about at least winning a conference championship in something. At last count Tam hasn't won an SEC championship since Coach Stallings talked the conference in taking ya'll into the conference back in 2011. At least Missouri has won the East in footbal a couple of times
Always remember, UT Vols always have been and always will be Bush League
Tennessee has always been and always will be BUSH League. Go to Halti's Tennessee Go to Halti's
Why do ya'll want to quit? The streak is at 14 and counting. We're having a whole bunch of fun. Just remember the bunch that replaced fat Phil ain't getting ya'll to the promise land. RTR
Fantasyfootballgod you're as full of it as a Christmas turkey.
Fantasyfootballgod is still trying to get over the beat down Coach Oats and company put on his Kittens last week.
Just remember:Second and twenty-six...Touchdown....Alabama National Champions.
Hey egg head, going back and reading your past post you are the one having other SEC teams living in your head. You are a prime example of living what you preach.
Totally agree with BlueMan. If the Tennessee Vols NEVER EVER win again in type of sporting event I will be a very happy person. The only other thing I will say is Go to hell Tennessee, Go to Hell!
The key after Alabama beats Ohio State is to get Tebow off the SEC Network
Maybe it will just be a few days before they put Holtz in a "Ole Folks Home". He could sure use it
Who cares what you think,turdtigers going on probation very soon
I'm thinking 17 plays special teams, returning all kicks and I might add he lights it up!