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What's your real name home boy? How do I get in touch and come see you?
Phil you failed to mention that the gators got punched by Gus and his boys @ UCF. RTR
I'll keep glancing over your stories for the rest of 2021 and I hope not to deep into 2022!
Bo should have listened to his Coaches instead of his daddy all three years at Auburn.
I have often wondered if Joe Brady was such a great up and coming coach why did Sean Payton let him go to LSU? In other circumstances the Saints have voided other coaching moves to LSU.
Final from Atlanta: Alabama 41 - Georgia 24. Hey Derek, How cheap do you work for SDS?
UGAsince80,yourself along with all your other Georiga brethren beleived in the rat poison this past week. This includes all the coaches and players at UGA. That is not a way to build a winning program!
How much does ESPN pay her to tell us what we already know? Then in the next story "Ears" Finebaum tell us how great she is
Will his wife live across the state line in Georgia?
With his pick, "Ears" Finebaum give Bryan Young the kiss of death. 'Ears could not pick himself out of a police line up.
You people from ar kanas win 6 games and think your bowl movement doesn't stink
darthA, Timmy boy from ga. is blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other eye.
Who really cares where they go. Waste of time and the little effort put into this program. Hope this is the last year of this nonsense
I know why your name is Hooker? As in Tennessee Hooker
Because she works cheap and does as and says as "Big Ears" Finebaum tells her. Also, have you ever saw anyone do as little but is paid as much as "Big Ears". That is the j e w blood in him
Tell'em Najee! ESPN is all about stupid announcers making stuff up so they look good to the viewers. This includes the college announcers also. How about that Jordan Rodgers is he like his brother? Spreading his germs all around the Southeastern Conference towns and cities? But back to the point, Najee tell then to kiss it and go to h e l l. RTR
He has done so much dope he doesn't even know if he is in any type world.
ESPN needs to help Timmy with his presentation skills. Just in the above article along Timmy uses "I think" on 12 different times. I would have thought "Ears" Finebaum would have this corrected by year 7 of this love affair.
Every week we see at least two or three articles about what Finebaum has said about something. Why hasn't some of these host ask Finebaum about the ratings for the "Finebaum Show' on the SEC network? Even his paid callers are stale.
Is the offensive line troubles due to the offensive line Coach?
I'm going to make this all very, very simple, I HATE TENNESSEE. I hope that so called school never ever wins in anything again. It would do my heart proud if someone would push the place into the Tennessee river. Saturday night about 11 CDT Alabama will be 15-0 against Tennessee in the last 15 years. Smoke that!
Plain and simple I hate Tennessee! Go to Hell Tennessee Go to Hell
AMEN! That big eared MF'er is all talk. he could not even put a jock strap on correct.
That might not suck one but I believe he will hold one in his mouth till it goes soft