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The key after Alabama beats Ohio State is to get Tebow off the SEC Network
Maybe it will just be a few days before they put Holtz in a "Ole Folks Home". He could sure use it
Who cares what you think,turdtigers going on probation very soon
I'm thinking 17 plays special teams, returning all kicks and I might add he lights it up!
The young "reporter" called him Saban, not coach, not Nick, just Saban. Trying to be a smart azz at a press conference
Does that mean Butch Jones will be back in the SEC one day?
If we kicked Mizzou out of the conference we could always invite the University of the South in Sewanee, Tn. back in. At least they would geographically correct to be in the East
I know some may not like the CBS broadcast team, but why in the world is the conference putting all their eggs in one basket with ESPN/ABC?
"Time for the old man to retire!!!". Nope, sorry ain't going to happen. Coach already said he didn't like staying at home with Ms. Terry on a Saturday watching the games on T.V, eating Hot Dogs with Ms.Terry homemade sauce. Also you have to remember Coach was on the first floor and Ms. Terry was on the second floor.
Question:please name the AD’s that dont do it there way. Anzwer: Greg Byrne
I agree.Maybe Southern will make their decision next week and hire Pete Golding as the new head coach.
Lucas got one heck of an education at the University of Tennessee. Only one problem the boy has, he cannot read! I guess the best thing to do now is push that school into river and be done with it. Bye Tennessee or maybe good riddance.
AJ is making a million plus a year warming the pine for the Houston Texans. That's not a tough break in my book
Please add Pete Golding to the losers list.It's 7:50 CDT Sunday night Oct. 11 and was hoping to fine an article that he had been fired today. Guess not. Hopefully tomorrow.
Yes sir he is. Fire Golding tomorrow morning by 11:30
Before Dylan Moses and the entire defensive side of the ball starts making excuses they need to learn to tackle.
I love the Alabama uniform reveals. Crimson jersey at home, white jersey on the road.
It was my understanding Sally blew him away or either flooded his toll booth
FunnyMaine, Take it to the Pac12, B10 or the Big 12. We don;t need you in THE Conference anymore! Bye
Did Finebaum have a brain fart and not say he deserved all the credit for having a football season? If so, please someone take the poor soul to a mental intuition and admit him for life.