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I agree. She needs to use her degree,get a real job and go to work.
Coach will make one statement on all new coaching hires after current recruiting class is singed and sealed. One announcement, no clutter.
What is Finebaum record as a coach at ANY level? If he can't keep something going, He ain't making money.
Totally agree, let Coach Saban do his thing.By the way, was told Finebaum didn't know how to put on jock strap!
Dabo, You forget the one person that brought you, Woody and Freddie together. Coach Stallings
Georgia doesn't belong in the Sugar Bowl. After they get a spanking from Texas Kirby will cry like a little baby again like he did after SEC Champion game. .
What is Jew boy Finebaum going to say now?
You have to do as Coach Locks said, " I spend a year in the Nick Saban witness program"
IS it true Kirby broke down and cried in the AD's office? If so Saban has gotten in Kirby head and his teams will never beat a Saban coached team.
I wonder how many pictures of the Georgia recruiting board he will take before leaving the building? Also, how many other assistance he will try to take. Colorado is getting a big snake in the grass.
Tell'em like it is Eli. Oh by the way Eli also wants another ring. Roll Tide
I'm like Ford Motor Company, I have a better idea: Kick Ole Miss. and Miss. State out of the Southeastern Conference.
The Conference office needs to kick both of these schools out of the Southeastern Conference. Replace both with Southern Miss.
The only school from the state of Mississippi that needs to be in the Southeastern Conference is the University of Southern Mississippi. To hell with Mississippi State and Ole Miss.
First things first, MSU, Citadel and Auburn. Then we will worry about Georgia.
IF,IF,IF,IF,IF. If Finebaum had been born a Protestant he would not be Jewish.