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When did "Ears" Finebaum become a coach ? The last I was told he did know how to put on a jock strap!
Who died and made Finebaum King? also, what were Finebaum stats as a QB and his record as a Coach?
ESPN finally got something right. Now if they would only figure out it's baseball season and the NBA season has been over for a few months.
It"s time for Stoops and company to stand up and take the next step or go back to the house.
I hope Laura Rutledge takes over the show in the afternoon, so it's not a sad farewell to Finebaum. Bye Finebaum
Adolph Rupp at KY and Mama called at TA&M
Ozzie, Come back home and take the corner office. The one that at one time was reserved for the head coach but now is used by the AD. We will welcome you back with open arms and stay as long as you wish.
Preach to all of them Coach Avery. Next fall at your first presser blast the hell out of Joseph Goodman. He a idiot trying to make a name for him self.
"Has bama ever had this many assts leave in a year before?" Yes at the end of the 2014 season. What happen in 2015 season? Number 16
If that is so why did Kirby ask Coach Saban if he could take the black strip off the uniforms?
I guess that's the reason Spurrier has 1 natty and Coach Saban has 6. Just me thinking
I totally agree. Finebaum could not diagram a play if his life depended on it. But yet he is an expert. Back 10 years or so he got the basketball coach at Alabama fired.
I believe what President Thrasher and Coach Fisher had was a failure to communicate.
The only person that is going to come out of this mess smelling like a rose is .... Butch Jones
In Gene Chizik words(Circus), could not happen to a better bunch of turds. Go to hell Tennessee!
Leinart, what happen to your professional career? Oh that's right, USC national champion got took away because of what? Can you say cheating?
Who is actually in control of Florida football? Spurrier, Stricklin or Foley? On the outside looking in a head coach answering to 3 different people with 3 different ideas.