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And when the playoff would go to 8 games, we'll then hear about how numbers 9, 10 and 11 should have gotten a spot for this reason or that..then there will be calls for a 16 team playoff to correct that. We're just going to keep banging our heads against the wall and never ever realizing the obvious: you CAN'T come up with an equitable playoff for a league that has 120 teams and is divided in conferences, who, in many cases, vary widely as to the level of competition. There is a REASON why College Football has never had a playoff system and it isn't because of that tired rubbish about "too much money made from the bowls" nonsense. Generations before this one understood than an equitable playoff system could not be had because of the reasons I already stated and thus the game was always a regional game and not a national one. And when the season was over they had exhibition games called "bowls" that made for nice match-ups for the fans and when all was finished someone received, by vote, an award for the being the best team of the year which was called: National Champion. This generation is going to RUIN the game entirely with this incessant fixation with the "National Championship." Which, again, was never anything more than an award for the team of the year.
Does anyone know where we can find the book? There should be a book out there of all the referees from many decades, revealing all the many conspiracies that they've been involved in. Apparently, there's widespread collusion between officials of ALL sports to direct the outcome of games...according to fans that we hear from week after week after year after decade. And I am just wondering why there hasn't been some great investigatory minds that have gathered the information from past and present officials and why we aren't seeing the results of their work splattered everywhere in the sports media -- it would be quite a bombshell! But until that happens, where a handful of officials spill the beans about the great underground society of referees, I guess we'll have to rely on no-name coaches telling us about a game they were involved in 20 years ago, or fans pointing-out holding calls that were not made in a game as THEIR proof of the sports Illuminati!
A gazillion people pretend to be sports analysts/experts. Many of them try and out-do everyone else with their bold predictions and statements -- throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it sticks. If the spaghetti sticks, they prance around telling EVERYONE that will listen about how THEY knew it all along and how THEY predicted it when everyone else missed the boat. Then they lobby for a higher gig on radio or TV. When their bold predictions flop (as they usually do), no one remembers them a day or two afterward and the "expert" waits for the next chance to come along and take a wild stab at something...hoping the spaghetti cooperates the next time.