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Let me get this straight, an Ole Miss team that made the tournament in Kermit’s first year and only lost one quality player and returns a much improved front court not only isn’t going to make the tournament but also Kermit will leave the state he’s from to coach elsewhere? Do y’all hear yourselves?
Ole Miss senior here, this was not a regular event. This was not about the state flag and if you were in Oxford for the event you would know how ignorant and wrong your post is. There were well over a hundred white people from out of town and 3 black people at most (hardly a mixed race group) that were draped in the confederate flag not the state flag and they were protesting the contextualisation of the confederate statue on campus. Don't know where you got your information from but this was a deliberately inflammatory event for any minority on our campus and the kneeling response was appropriate
Karma coming back to get his kicking leg from when he kicked that girl
What reasoning do you have for this other than you just wanted to put anyone over ole miss? You talk about how difficult winning on the road has been yet ole miss beat a top 15 opponent on the road and Vanderbilt on the road. In terms of record ole miss’s is better plus two top 15 wins. There’s a reason ole miss is ranked right now and LSU isn’t but you’re too biased to give ole miss its due still. Might eat all my words tonight but as of right now you’re so clearly wrong
Meant to write Florida instead of Vanderbilt but point still stands
How exactly is the reasoning for Ole Miss being at 12 because they haven't played anyone yet their RPI is 33 according to CBS, higher than everyone except Tennessee and Auburn? At the very least they should be ranked ahead of Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Vanderbilt.