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Auburn’s 8 point win over A&M looks fairly weak. They had every conceivable break against a Miss St team that lost at home to Kansas State. They caught Oregon on a “gimme” opening weekend game. I didn’t realize Auburn had such an average pass rush. Florida apparently doesn’t need to run to win. It’s ok for you to admit that you’re worried. We already know it.
I think EITHER team getting ahead early is huge. You don’t want to play from behind on either of these defenses. If there are some defensive scores or a big break in special teams, I think all of the commentary in this article go right out the window!
Most of the article sure seems accurate; however, the article could have been a “copy-and-paste” from LSU’s visit to The Swamp last season. The game is even on the same weekend! Auburn’s win over A&M doesn’t seem that impressive anymore and absolutely everything bounced their way in a game against a Miss St team that lost at home to Kansas State. There is no doubt that the atmosphere is going to be electric and if Florida gets up early or has a big defensive score the crowd will really start to work its magic. This is one of those games where you really don’t want to defer to the 2nd half if you win the coin toss because first blood is going to be huge!
I’m trying to figure out how he is still enrolled at the University!!!! I really cannot think of a career anywhere that would retain you after something like this goes public.
I agree to a point; however, Burrow is probably going to look fairly humbled once he has to deal with the Gators again.
We will see how you feel after the Gators spank the leg humpers in Jacksonville this year. I get that you're a Bama wannabe but you won't even be in the running. Are you even from Georgia? I have my doubts.
I was in middle school and I lived in High Springs, but I watched every minute of the game. I was heart broken over it! I will be in the building on Saturday and avenging this loss will be on my mind!
I actually like the Atlanta/Jacksonville idea. For folks that haven't been recently, Jacksonville has made stadium access an absolute abject disaster. I know they wouldn't let that happen in Atlanta. I think what happens after 2021 is entirely up to the City of Jacksonville and TIAA Bank Field.