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Liked “Back to back Florida state champs” Baby steps. We should have a banquet for everyone who posts on SDS, wear name tags, reveal ourselves, and get drunk together. And not take this stuff so seriously. (And if anyone doesn’t drink, they can be designated driver.)
smart is a college DB or safety, Sabanite who is reactionary in his coaching. Does he scheme, or study (or understand) film to take advantage of his players talents or opponents weaknesses? He should have beaten UF this year by 20, and never have lost to a terrible SC at home. And kept the game vs LSU much closer. Is he out recruiting Mullen...of course he is. But Mullen is doing his own thing with the transfer portal (I guess) and getting the most out of lesser HS stars. UF fans are perplexed by Dans lack of 5 star HS talent, but UGA fans are equally perplexed by Bulldog mediocre play in certain games or losses / blow outs by LSU. Can’t use the talent card...UF is playing with a QB who hasn’t started since 9th grade. And subpar OL and DL talent, and RB. Point? Recruiting violations (big or small) fall on the head coach. So any violation with a coach who is being questioned by its own fan base (whether play calls or starting QB) is a black eye. With several national championships over the past 23 years gator fans are certainly more patient with their current situation and less uptight. We admit we have a great schemer but average recruiter. Do GA fans admit they have a great recruiter but average game-day coach? No To recap: yes you have a 3 game W streak vs UF, you also have more talent. But you have no national championships in 40 years, and that what MAY ultimately end up being defensive back / resting on recruiting laurels / Kirby Smart’s demise.
Amazing going back to UF as a graduate walking around campus the students don’t look like I did when I was there in ‘88. Lots of book worms. Amazing they can put together a 10 win season. Glad we’re playing for 11 wins this year, and Mullen seems to be doing ok with recruiting for 2020. Go Gators!
Not completely knocking on Coach O. It happened to Chizk, Fisher, Meyer, among many others. Amazing what a Heisman Trophy quarterback can do for a team’s record.
Napoleon Complex is a real ‘thing’. Look it up, there will be a picture of a Georgia bulldog fan. All this hate and animosity comes from years of inadequacy and not getting ‘there’. For me coming out of the ‘Butters’ years with back to back 10 win /top 10 season’s and playing competitively I’m good. And I agree, Coach O will be back to his 9 to 10 wins per season after Burrow graduates.
Complement to Kirby’s recruiting yes, he needs help on Saturdays.
I will amend my question about hiring Kirby. Georgia has been the better team over Florida over the past three years. There is no denying this. However, with their talent no one can argue they should be doing much better. That is a complement to their personal talent level. Is that a complement to Kirby?
All coaches leverage their future negotiating ability. Common response. Is anyone or the NFL inquiring about hiring Kirby?
“Ignorant” is better than than “shortsighted”. My mistake
Look at Florida versus LSU over the last 25 years. It’s embarrassing for LSU. It’s like 18-7 or so. I agree we only remember what happens last but very shortsighted for you think Florida has a losing tradition. LSU lost last year:-(
Beating LSU and Georgia over the last 10 years look at the records not impossible for Florida. As far as Bama anything can happen just worry about yourself.
Is fat guy with visor chiming in? 3 yards and a cloud of dust will win you 10 games a year that’s about it I love that another Saban student is a failed Savior.
UF scored 249 points over same opponents to Georgia’s 193. Advantage Mullen. Kirby held opponents to 102 to UF 136. Advantage Smart defense. Florida’s margin of victory was 113 to Georgas 91 points per same opponents. not sure Georgia is as far ahead as Florida as you think.
Work for a guy who follows you in the toilet room while you’re trying to do your business? Just ask Spurrier about that with Snyder. Not happening
UF UGA 2019 same opponents: Dan Mullen scored more points than Kirby smart. Kirby smart defense held same opponents to less points. Dan Mullen margin of victory versus same opponents greater than Kirby smart. Dan Mullen did a great job with much lesser talent. That’s coaching. Worry about Not getting embarrassed at another sugar bowl
Nice McElwain factoid DudeabidesCB . SEC East winner but SEC Champion Runner Up gets you nothing. Go Gators Basketball, Baseball, Softball or whatever
The best thing about Georgia is the big ass deer I hunt and kill in Colquitt county each year. Love walking through Publix wearing my UF t shirt. As for UF football, it’s a weak brand. Not sure why anyone would want to play for that school. Zero winning tradition
Dude, you lost to SC and blown out by LSU with top classes. Is that personnel or coaching?
Kind of like you sitting out of the playoffs with 15 five star players? I think a 10 win season with an orange bowl bid is great with average recruiting. We’re all (including GA) playing to be the fifth best team in the country, kind of like the NIT tournament, but that’s playing for the 65th best team in the country. We all should be proud to be 5th in the end, right?
I’ll repeat Florida fans are good. You won by seven, never said you didn’t. Georgia fans are jumping off bridges. Good luck versus Baylor. Another GA postseason AP #10
FL fans are good...You won by 7. Never said you didn’t. Georgia fans are jumping off bridges. Good luck vs Baylor
Mullet a good game planner like Spurrier and urban but needs work in recruiting. Smart is a good recruiter but needs work in coaching.
No you getting blown out by the west embarrassed the east. At least Florida hung in there through 3/4 tied at halftime. Well done
They will. Again, Smart is an average coach who happened to coach under Saban. Lots of average coaches did. This was y’alls year according GA fans and writers. Never UF’s. We Never said it was. So we’re good with 10 wins and a good bowl with a bunch of 3 stars and a few 4’s.
Y’all go celebrate. I bet you lose to Baylor. Final AP poll 10th?