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Small world I grew up and live in Christan County about 5 miles from Campbell.
The Music city bowl will most likely be Kentucky v. Louisville. A couple of bowls have already mentioned wanting that matchup and Nashville is most logical choice.
Whoever loses that game gets the Champions of Life trophy
Also remember the other SDS article article about over a 1,000 HS football games being played so far with no outbreaks. None of the media talked about that positive news except SDS so kudos to y’all for a job well done.
Rose is probably UK’s 3rd best running back Smoke and Rodriguez are both better. I think he will get more carries than he deserves because our coaching staff likes to reward seniors who work hard.
USC is little brother to Clemson in state. UK is the program in Kentucky yes we are great at basketball but we love football. We have upgraded are facilities and the are now top tier in nation.
Hello neighbor I live in Christan County about 6 miles from Clarksville. Small world
Kentucky has Louisville every year. But we do schedule 3 cupcakes a year
GT with the offense they played up till last year were not an easy out.
Wish UK v UF was in Lexington this year on Nov 28. Be nice to have the weather advantage.
Just signed. I think it shows a lot of character for players who will be drafted even if they don’t play wanting to play.
But not to far down they can stop in Kentucky play in a conference where it just means more and be close to home.
It would be great for UK if OSU dose not play and UK does. We have already gotten Benny Snell and Lynn Bowden from Ohio we could really raid Ohio and Michigan for some blue chip recruits if big10 doesn’t play.
M son is a student at UK and they are testing all 30K students and so far less than .08% are testing positive.
I was at the game Terry got hurt looked like Terry had the guy beat and the defensive player reached for him and grabbed what he could reach. Unfortunate but I don’t believe it was a dirty play.
Wonder how the picked who to list. Kentucky has multiple no 1 in NBA.
Not only did Kentucky have the same record of the recognized National Champion they beat the National Champion in the bowl game. I wonder if coach Bear Bryant gets credit for winning that one.