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The arrogance and stupidity of the Georgia fans is incredible. After 40 years of miserable performance between the 1981 and 2021 national championship, they feel they can decide which schools can be allowed to exist in the college football universe. Can tell you this pal, University of Washington would have kicked Georgia's butt most of those 40 years. However, we never felt we needed to eliminate schools from college football. You Georgia morons are simply trying to destroy the sport.
Their is a reason the rest of the country thinks you SEC fans are stupid. You think that college football has existed since only 2014, when the playoff began. Look back further and you'll see that Georgia and Alabama were mostly jokes in the 30 years before 2014. The SEC doesn't own college football.
It never ceases to amaze me how utterly stupid and moronic you SEC fans are. Of course the Michigan guys didn't match up well against the Georgia players. No team's players in the country except Alabama would have looked good compared to Georgia. Even you Southerners can figure out that if you take out Georgia and Alabama out of the SEC you have nothing left but teams that would get their butts kicked in any other conference. The SEC is a joke. The only reason Georgia and Alabama are any good is that they pay their players big money and don't make them go to class.
You obviously don't like college football. If all you concentrate on is money, you should be reading the Wall Street Journal instead of Saturday Down South. If the Big1G and SEC suck all the blood out of the game, and leave the PAC-12, ACC and Big - 12 in their dust, who do you think will be left to watch college football?
You are exactly correct. College football is a regional sport. Being from the PNW I would rather watch a Washington State vs Oregon regular season game any day compared to another boring Alabama - Georgia national title game. If regionality and passion are taken out of the college game, then the future does not look very bright for college football.
This is the worst column I have ever read. Saturday Down South is supposed to be about college football, the sport all of us love. Instead this column totally gushes about buying success with money. If this is what college football has become, then I and millions of fans will tune out. If I want to watch pro football, I'll watch the NFL - not some minor league pro team in Alabama of LA.