Virginia Gamecock

Born and raised in South Carolina and a lifelong Gamecock. B.A. in History from USC in 2002 and M.A. in Public History from USC in 2005. Museum Director in Virginia.

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I can live with 7-5. His 7-5 is not what I would have thought, though. I say we beat UT and Missouri, but lose to A&M and Clemson. Still, I'll take a win over Clemson any day!
I have to disagree with the Sharpe pick. It's not bad, but in the article he states that the number best exemplifies the heart and soul of the team, not necessarily the best player, yet the reason he chose Sharpe was for his play. Personally, I would choose Marcus Lattimore #21. I've never seen a more beloved Gamecock in my whole life. It wasn't just his play, but his leadership, persona, and overall good nature that made him one of the best. He was so respected not just at USC, but around the SEC.