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We'll all we say now is what's done is done,I just hope this John Currie pans out for the good. Hopefully between him and Beverly Davenport,the check book will open,and we can return to Glory. I do feel bad for Coach Phil.
You're absolutely right,the ones who claimed they loved him,was the ones who has him all screwed up. To bad,so sad for him.He had a bright future ahead of him.And now the NFL probably won't even look at him..
Ask Nick Saban what did all of his 5 star recruits do for him this year!
I'd rather have the three stars anyway,Ask n
That's a true statement. They sucked for years. And Now they feel that they aren't suppose to lose,well guess what,you did! And it feels good!
Who is this btyanchip joker,he talks and spells like he went to school in someone's back yard. Dude everyone can't pay these kids and get away with it like Bama. When the smoke rises old Nick is gonna bail out Bame just Ervin Myers did down in Florida,just like Pete Carroll did out at USC! "Patients is difinitely a virtue"
Well your bold prediction don't count,you must be a Gator fan,
Amen brother! I think if most ranked teams had lost 9 out of 10 defensive player they wouldn't be playing in a bowl game.
Faulk is a hundred percent right,player has been playing the in bowls as long as the bowl season has been around,and now these weak punks are afraid that they're going to hurt. half of them don't pan out to be nothing in the NFL anyway.
Can't believe this was posted. Straight out joke.
It's good to be country.It beats being a dumbass!
I guess sum it all up, the rest of us just can't afford to pay what Bama pays!Remember the truth always comes to the light,and I guarantee it'll all come to the light one day!
Smartest decision on part of Houston,he would have walked out on you!!
Why do these kids keep committing to Bama,they'll never see any playing time.SMH!
Come bro you'd look good in Orange!
You got to be kind ding me,if you think Kentucky is going somewhere with this!
Amen,it totally bs. I don't care how bad that NFL team is,it's bs!