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I think it's hilarious that all season we hear how Bama is the elite in the SEC after they really only played a sub par LSU team, TAMU, a middle of the road Ole Miss team and then ran into AU. The loss last night doesn't surprise me at all, OU beat Bama in every facet of the game and in the trenches they owned Bama. I've told folks all season that this Bama team wasn't the best team in the SEC much less the whole country! Also, by virtue of OU beating Bama I'd say that would make Bama probably the 4th best team if they were to play in the Big 12 huh, and hopefully after this beating this will stop the propaganda that other conferences can't play with SEC teams. BTW, before anyone goes off on me I'm a Gamecocks fan, I root for my team, not every other team in the conference. Especially Alabama.
I'm with you JP I'm not gonna wave the flag unless my team is the one in the game. But, this is what irks me, if OSU beats Mich St they should get a chance to play in the NC game. 1. Because they're a BCS Conference AQ just like the SEC is, 2. The players don't schedule games, they play whoever their AD schedules. I have no doubt that AU or Mizzou would probably beat OSU on a neutral field but remember Auburn in 04? So if OSU & FSU finish undefeated their PLAYERS & COACHES will have earned the right to play for it all! Just my .02.
I'm fine with AU or Mizzou playing for a NC if OSU should fall to Mich St but if they win there's no way that either team should jump an undefeated OSU team. As fans most here want an SEC team in the NC game but those two teams will have earned the right to be there and as SEC fans we should understand. Remember Auburn in 04? I'm just prayin that a miracle doesn't happen and FSU slips up and lets Duke whip em to put Bama in a position to slip into the NC game. And can we please get some respect for Mizzou? I don't have a dog in the fight Saturday and I'm fine with either team winning but I'm slightly pulling for Mizzou due to them reppin the East but AU with their last 2 games seems like a team of destiny. As an aside, Bama should back their way into a BCS bowl where they'll probably play like they did against Utah and lay an egg.
Heck, I personally hope Auburn does wreck it for both UGA and especially Bama! I'm a Carolina fan not an SEC fan. I see friends at work everyday (mostly UGA fans) that would sacrifice an SEC Championship this year just so Bama could win another NC for the conference. My response is, how is the Crimson Tide winning another championship gonna help your teams program? I'd love to see LSU beat em this weekend and for AU to take care of business against UGA. Besides, Bama hasn't really beat anyone this year and I believe Oregon or FSU would beat the brakes off of them too. Hell, for that matter I think Ohio St would beat Bama this year. And Jon, if you really wanna make this a true Saturday Down South site how about some coverage of the Seminoles? I know, I know they're not an SEC team but they are in the South and probably the best team in the South.
As a Carolina fan I choose not to root for other SEC teams except UF playing for a NC, and as far as the $ goes the check the NC team gets is just as much as the loser of the NC game so the profit sharing would be the same in that regard. My reason for not rooting for them mostly is the recruiting issue, I seen a 5 star RB in high school last year who had been committed to UGA since his Soph yr flip flop and committ and sign with Bama. Now I'm sure that winning 3 nat'l championships in 4 yrs had nothing to do with that at all. Funny how some of these fans say they'll root for the other team in the NC game yet I live extreme SE Georgia on the GA/FL line and when UF played for the title in 06 & 08 I didn't know of one single UGA fan that rooted for them. I just have the mindset I guess that I'm a Carolina fan and not an SEC fan so I kinda agree with Herbie, even though the outcome was what I expected for the SEC homers if you're gonna claim all the big wins you take the lumps too. And as an aside I would love to see Bama and Oregon play because I think Oregon would/will legitimately thump Bama by 2-3 td's. To much speed on the Oregon team.
I got no problem with the way anyone refers to the University of South Carolina. Whether it be USC, SC, or even USCe it doesn't really matter as long as the GAMECOCKS keep winning. I see this being an instant classic and probably coming down to the last possession just like 2 years ago. I'll be rooting hard for the Gamecocks all the way down here in the Southeast corner of Georgia. But! If Clowney gets to Murray at least twice in the first half then this game Chris Stasiak could get very UGAly!
No, I didn't think you were. Just wanted you to look at it from a different perspective.
Pollack was good at UGA, but his arrogant attitude on ESPN has caused me to despise him every time I see him on Gameday or calling a game. I'd venture to say that next year at this time Clowney will easily top this list. And in response to Dawg780, could you imagine if Pollack would've had Clowney's talent?
Leave it to a Bama fan to invent a new word "disrespectable" and BTW Muschamp's wife is SMOKING!!!
Amazing that Carolina has never tied a game.hmmmm
Being a Gamecocks fan here in SE Ga I'm really not surprised at all that some of these biased writers are picking UGA over Carolina after 3 consecutive Gamecock wins. Hell I DESPISE Clemson but come week 1 I sure will be rooting for the Tigers to flat out drill the Dawgs. And if the UGA tackles and tight ends can't block Clowney & Sutton then look for Murray to be running scared for the 4th straight year.
Typical illiterate UGA fan, in case you can't figure it out UGA still has an easier schedule than USC!
So really just 19 players. Practice Squad players don't count and Jerod - Eddie, Aldon Smith, and Justin Smith don't count. If they never took a snap in an SEC conference game then they're not SEC players. Regardless, 2 teams with 53 man rosters = 106 players and 19 of those players played SEC Football not to shabby for 1 conference.
Glad you finally came around to understanding what Carolina fans have known all along. Shaw is a Warrior on the field and showed Saturday night to the rest of the country that he can beat you with his arm and his feet.
I'm a Carolina fan and I really don't think UGA plays an old man style of football, but I do hope that Mizzou sends the Dawgs running back to Athens with their tail between their legs.