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Drink needs to stop bringing in these retreads, get some young guys that have great potential not these guys who move around every darn year. At least if you bring guys in that are just starting their coaching careers they will take 5 to 6 years before teams try to steel them
Are we missing something here with all these coaches leaving
Eli f u for being such a shot coach tonight. Mizzou was the better team and the loss was on u
I wouldn’t play a second as long as Conner is the QB
Have to have time to throw a deep ball, drink was protecting young QBs with quick plays.
It’s gonna be a long decade if drink is allowed to keep this up. Clearly Conner should not me out there. Love watching Kentucky, they are what Missouri was before Pinkle allowed the players to dictate policy.
How can any reasonable human keep putting Conner on the field. The worst QB since Matty hung over mauk. Really trying to give drink the time that Pinkle got but his decisions are just not good. If he is the OC then god help us.