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Newlin rated us fifth this week. In looking at his rankings, he had over half his poll rated as an “extreme pick” meaning he had placed teams over five spots or more higher than thet actually finished in this weeks poll. Example: he has Bama rated 17th in his poll when they are actually 27th ( in other words “ others receiving votes” category”. I don’t think he has any idea who he is doing what or his spread sheet is really messed up. Enjoy the ranking, AU. Worry about tournament ranking in a month or so.
I could not agree more. After this year, Gus will be out of AU transfers. Then, what’s he going to do?
I don’t think anybody has a clue what this team is going to look like in September
Initial reports are Schmedding moves up to DC and will coach safeties. Robinson is coming in as LB coach. He supposed to be a good recruiter especially in Alabama. Look like the results are mixed on his players; some good some bad. Phil, if this is the case, what are your thoughts?
Mason gets 1.5M here. Guy who left Ok State was making $800K as DC.Will they pay it?? Also, one day in the not too distant future , Mason will want another head job or a DC role in the NFL. I was hoping for 2 years with him, but may only get one. He and Harsin may not be comfortable with each other. Who knows?? But then again , it really doesn’t matter. Mason was just coming off a firing from Vandy and took a co ordinators job. No matter what, its a step down. And that’s tough. Good luck to whatever he decides.
Interesting. Hopefully, he will have a big role no matter what. I know the possibility of Mason leaving looks real, I just about the money. Mason makes 1.5M here and the guy left Ok State was only making $800K. I am sure they have it to pay, but will they?
Don’t doubt you , but do you have a link for that?? Or just rumor?? All would make sense. Have seen speculation where Garner might have been tampering…
Going to get a good one if coached up properly. Which he should be.
Really??? If so, then how did we afford Harsin and new staff if all of our money is going to ex coaches?? How are we affording a $92M football only facility?? You are new around these parts. Go back to the Georgia board where Negan resides. You two can share nonsense there.
This one is a tough loss. JJ is obviously a very good athlete but looks like he is sort of stuck in between 3 positions (TE, OL, and DL). I thought he did a decent job in the first year of a position switch. Wish him well wherever he lands.
Kev, No disrespect but in 1999 we were no 2 in the country for a brief period. It hasn’t happened oftern though.
Negan, Believe it or not, he’s not considering Georgia. Your whole world STOPS at the Love Shack on Jefferson River Rd in Athens. Don’t think about anything beyond that.
NCAA has already handed their penalties down in December. Sorry for you but death penalty wasn’t one of them. Karate kid kick!!!!
If Tyson comes and wins the job, the number of times the story is in the media will be sickening.
Yep. 2 years on scholarship and no game action? Best he move on.
Real possibility. Very ironic, but real. I still don’t think we have a real shot at Thompson but who knows. I have read that Oregon transfer QB Robby Ashford is next on the list to consider. Other than he went Hoover, I don’t know anything about him. If you saw both Tyson and Ashford, what’s your take?
Be sure his classic book “If love were oil, I would be about a quart low..Lewis Grizzard on women.. Funniest book I have ever read
Somewhere up there you got to know that 2 people are smiling: 1. Lewis Grizzard 2. Larry Munson
Somewhere up there you got to know 2 people are smiling:: 1. Lewis Grizzard 2. Larry Munson RIP gentlemen
Great game by the Tide as well. I think all the losses at the WR spot finally caught up with Bama. I know you would never offer it as an excuse but the inexperience was a big factor IMHO. Great year for both teams. Lets tee it up in September and hopefully the SEC we do better in the bowls next year!!
He’s around tonight.. just on another spot. Saw it earlier…
Negan got too handles. He was on another article. Guess tonight we all have to put up with him. Tomorrow, SOS.