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I see you can’t read scoreboards on this spot either. UGA lost twice to every team in the conference but Alabama. Hence a 6-26 record, a fired head coach, and a retread replacement that even Floral wanted replaced. There is your explanation. Again, STFU. That goes for this thread too. Now run along and go play with your dolls.
Way over your head, Negan. Now STFU and go do something unnatural.
And where was Florida this year? Oh, I forgot. At home, hiring a former Bruce Pearl assistant to be their new head coach. I guess your new coach isn’t tainted, is he???
Caliperi won his only national championship with so much talent he couldn’t afford to lose. But looking back at some other teams he had that SHOULD have won (UMass in 96, Memphis in 2008, and UK in 2015), it makes you wonder why he doesn’t have more NC in his resume. I don’t think he is a good in game coach. UK should have won easily last night. I think Frank Martin was right when he said when UK stopped going inside, they lost momentum and the game. Made no sense. St Peters had no answer for that. And UK had no perimeter defense. Same plays were working every time. Just an opinion, but I think UK needs to move on . $47M is nothing up in the bluegrass. And you can get anybody you want. I think Billy Donovan or Brad Stevens would jump at the chance to come. The guy at Murray State would do well too. I just don’t think you are going to win anymore with Cal. But you UK fans have forgotten more basketball than I will ever know.
Martin was a class guy. Hate to lose someone like that in the SEC.He will resurface somewhere. good, I hope. I think he would be a better analyst than 90% of these clowns we see on TV(Greenburg and Seth Davis in particular).
Lets don't be talking about getting rid of human debris after UF got rid of Mullen.
Cat: Is it Duke you hate? Or Laettner?? Or both? Just curious
If Calipari retires or goes back to NBA, be willing to bet Donovan will be among the first calls.
Finebaum got no business talking about going to ESPN and making money… Talking about the pot calling the kettle black
You can sit there and mouth off all day long.. six seed… Enjoy playing late with no recovery time
This looks great on paper. Lot to like about it
TBone, While I will respect your right to your opinion(its yours and you own it), please give this a rest.!! The team includes the coach and the staff. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We are paying Harsin 5M plus to coach this team. Let him do it!! Please save your vitriol for the rest of the naysayers in the SEC, ESPN, and a lot of the rest of the news media. Are you going to feel this way if we go 10-2 in the regular season?? I hope not. This stuff is over..please get on board with the rest of us.
Welcome to SDS, where friends are found on the chat board.
In some way, yes. What should have been an in house HR issue because Harsin talked to folks in a way they weren’t used too, blew up and became a National issue. He had to learn the hard way you can’t do that. But it wasn’t a termination offense as determined by AU attorneys. So he stays. Time for everyone connected with AU to hit the reset button and be patient. Coach made some mistakes. Hopefully, he learns.
Whole article is a waste of cyberspace. We have 5 QB in the room. If we can’t develop one of those, then Harsin should be fired.. Grenier should have job by week 4. Ashburn will wind up playing baseball. Figure Davis will transfer (although I wish he would get a legit shot), Finley will transfer and move down a notch, and Calzada will become a backup.
The AD was Greene, whose contract expires in January. It was structured along the lines of Malzahn’s, whose buyout was structured by Ray Harbert and approved by previous president Steven Leath , who has long since been fired. I hope new President Martin will buyout Greene’s contract and get a solid and strong AD, so the athletic department can be run by the AD and not the board.
More than ever, I want Harsin to succeed for 2 reasons: 1. To embarrass and humiliate whoever started this at Auburn 2. To embarrass, humiliate, and SHUT Finebaum up.
I don’t think anyone really cares about Finebaum says
Should be Harsin is with us for next. I hate spell check and auto correct
Harsin is real for next year. The next few weeks will tell us if he or AU has learned anything for this incredibly stupid debacle last week. Etheridge stayed, so that’s a good start. He has a couple of slots open, particularly OC, that he really needs to fill with a good play caller but an outstanding recruiter. Let’s move forward
TBone, you may very easily be right about Harsin. It won’t surprise me on bit if you are. HOWEVER, he is the coach right now. He may be a jerk, but HE’S OUR JERK!! Time to get behind him. I gritted my teeth for Gus last 3 years. So can you!!
Yes he did. A much lesser man would have failed. Harsin seems to be committed to AU. Can everyone else do the same?
All that needs to happen.ASAP. Sounds like Harsin has some bad people snd management skills. After all, he has really worked in one area of the country. What works there may not work here. Obviously, he is very ambitious and driven to succeed and sometimes those people skills get laid by the wayside. Hopefully, he grows from this. With recruiting and NIL deals becoming paramount, he will have to change. Meantime, our BOT, boosters, president, and AD (whoever that is), need to be fully behind the coach. With every available resource that we can muster. If Harsin has to adjust, then so does everyone else. Auburn is still bigger that all of this. Let’s move on!!! WDE!
The only thing that the BOT did successfully was ruin a week of vacation in Mexico… The decision APPEARS to be made… Can we move on now?????