Mike Pouncey is rooting for his Miami teammates to end a seven-year playoff drought, but even if the Dolphins make it, he won’t be suiting up as the team recently placed him on injured reserve.

After fracturing his hip in the preseason, Pouncey pushed hard to return during the regular season. The former Gator missed the first four weeks, but boosted the offensive line for an important five-week stretch. After a win over San Diego on Nov. 13, Pouncey went to team doctors when things didn’t feel right. He had to make a difficult decision of either playing to help his team in 2016 or protecting himself in the long term.

“The risk would have been — [the doctor] didn’t know,” Pouncey said, per The Miami Herald’s Adam H. Beasley. “I got both scenarios. He said you can go out there and play on it and you could be fine and play six, seven more years after that. Or you could go out there and play on it, and you could re-injure it again and we could be talking about something totally different.

“I guess, just talking to the coach and managing it, the best decision was probably just to go on IR and not chance it again for the rest of the season. But shoot, the way this season is playing out, it’s hard.”

By taking the end of the season off, and potentially postseason, Pouncey hopes to be healed and able to participate in the offseason program.