Teez Tabor’s NFL career has not gone as planned. After barely playing as a rookie, the Detroit Lion found himself benched for much of the second half of the 2018 season.

Up in Michigan, Tabor is saying the right things. He says that the experience has made him a more coachable player.

“I became more coachable,” Tabor recently told M Live’s Kyle Meinke. “That’s one thing (I’ll say). I just sat back and took it all in last year, and said, ‘Man, I just got to become more coachable.’ They all know exactly what they’re talking about. I’m the student, they’re the teacher. I got to learn from them. I’ve been trying to become more coachable. I’ve been sitting down and taking in all the information they’re giving me.”

Meinke’s feature on Tabor is an entertaining read for those who loved watching him play at Florida (and maybe even those who loved to hate the trash-talking Gator). Meinke observed Tabor make an impressive pass breakup in Detroit’s Thursday practice. To his surprise, Tabor wasn’t interested in talking up his improved play at OTAs.

“I really don’t know yet,” Tabor said. “We haven’t played yet, and I haven’t made any plays in this league yet. So it’s hard for me to say anything.”

With this being his third professional season, Tabor is likely fighting to stay in the NFL. We’ll see if the new approach pays off for him the rest off the offseason and this fall.