Tim Tebow remembers the time he saw Anthony Richardson for the first time on Florida’s campus.

It was January 2020, and Tebow worked out with Richardson a few days after the freshman arrived, and Richardson’s 6-foot-4, 236-pound frame stood out. So did his arm strength, mobility, mechanics and mentality.

“He’s very gifted,” Tebow told the Associated Press. “Obviously, anybody can know that when you see him. You see he’s gifted. But I think he’s got a very clean motion as well. … And then I think he’s got a mentality of he wants to be great. And I think the combination of those three things is something that’s pretty special.”

Richardson has grown in popularity since his early days as a Gator, especially this season when he’s reeled off several highlights and become a fan favorite among Florida faithful.

“He’s probably not necessarily the quickest guy, but when he gets going, he can run away from you,” Tebow said. “You see him kind of run with guys and then he gets 10, 15 (yards downfield), and at about 20, all of a sudden, he starts to leave them. He’s got that long-distance kind of track speed that can break away for a lot of big plays.”

The Gators will need some big plays on Saturday against Alabama, and Richardson may just be the guy to make them.