Although Florida fans have not had a lot to complain about this season with a high-powered offense led by Heisman candidate Kyle Trask at quarterback, the defense has been a bit of a weakness for the 5-1 Gators through the first six games. Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham’s unit has allowed 30 points per game, prompting criticism from Florida fans.

Grantham was asked about how well he believes Florida fans actually understand his team’s defense and gave an interesting response on Tuesday.

Presumably, Grantham is giving Florida fans a “5-or-so” out of 10. This is probably a fair assessment, and maybe even a generous one – it’s doubtful most Florida fans understand the ins and outs of Grantham’s scheme.

They do have a right to complain, as at times the Gators’ defense has been porous. At the end of the day, however, Florida is 5-1 and contending for a College Football Playoff spot with one of the best offenses in college football.

How many other fan bases would trade for that situation?