There are few people that know what Georgia is getting in Jamie Newman better than Quincy Avery.

If you aren’t familiar with Avery, he’s a professional quarterback trainer based out of Atlanta. Avery has previously worked with Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts during his training career and his next star pupil is the graduate transfer from Wake Forest.

During a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Avery was asked to share what exactly Georgia fans should be expecting from the player most expect to start for the Bulldogs in the fall.

“Jamie Newman is a tremendous talent,” Avery said on the show. “He has first-round capabilities and he’s just a big guy who’s going to be able to carry the load in a lot of different ways and I think he’s going to add a unique element to the Georgia offense. They haven’t added quarterbacks who could add to the run game and make defenses really have to think about a quarterback, being able to do two runs and doing all the zone-read stuff.

“Then he has a tremendous arm, so he’ll be able to do the RPO stuff. And I think he’s a really aggressive quarterback. So the tight-window throws; Jake Fromm is amazing, but he wasn’t super aggressive. Jamie’s a little bit different in that aspect where he’s going to make some throws where people are like, ‘I’m not sure you can throw that,’ but he has a talent and capabilities to fit it in  tight windows.”

Avery then made an interesting point regarding Newman’s lack of expected workload academically in Athens. Due to the fact Newman has already earned his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest, he is expected to take online-only classes at Georgia this fall.

That’s the same route Joe Burrow took at LSU, allowing the quarterback to focus nearly all his energy on the football program, and something Newman will have the ability to do for the Bulldogs next season.

When it comes to comparing Newman to another quarterback on the field, Avery named two players that Georgia’s new signal-caller resembles — Jalen Hurts and Cam Newton.

“I’m going to combine two guys because I don’t – it’s not fair to compare him like to a Cam Newton, because he’s probably one of the best college players ever,” Avery answered. “But I would put him as a blend between Jalen Hurts and Cam Newton, right? Great runner, really physical, he’s going to be able to do some things in the throw game. I think right now, he’s a little bit more polished going into his senior season then were Jalen was [his senior season at Oklahoma] but he’s gonna be able to do a lot of different things and put a lot of stress on defenses.”

A blend between a Heisman Trophy winner and a former SEC Offensive Player of the Year? Georgia fans will take that all day.