Georgia’s offense will have a new leader this fall in James Coley but how much the unit actually changes on the field in Athens remains to be seen.

To no surprise, Kirby Smart is being relatively coy on the tweaks Coley plans to bring to the Georgia offense this fall. In fact, Smart doesn’t even want it to be known where his offensive coordinator will be on game days.

After Jim Chaney spent the previous three seasons in the press box, the plan is to likely have Coley on the sideline, at least for now.

“James will probably be on the field, that’s what we’ve done in the scrimmages, it’s what he and I have talked about doing,” Smart recently said. “We’re open to looking at it different ways, but right now that’s probably what we’re going to do.”

When it comes to the changes on offense, Smart revealed much of the “new” looks on offense may in fact be things the Bulldogs already had in the playbook under Chaney but didn’t need to use. However, with a third-year starting quarterback in Jake Fromm, the coaching staff likely has more freedom to reach deep into the playbook and trust their signal-caller to execute the plays called on the field this fall.

“We did a lot of things with Jim here that we didn’t necessarily always do. You have more offense than you always show, and you try to use what you need. And what you don’t need you don’t use. So there’s things that we had in games that we didn’t use in the past. And I’m sure it’ll be that way now,” Smart continued. “We want to be explosive. We want to score points.

“I think in college football nowadays you’ve gotta be able to score points. You look at the best teams in the country they can do that. So we’ve got to be able to score points, and whatever it takes to do that, whether it’s wearing people down, or throwing the ball, we’ve got to be flexible enough to do it.”