Rennie Curran held off The Freeze on Saturday night during the Atlanta Braves game against the New York Mets.

In a tight finish, the former Georgia linebacker prevailed against the speedy Freeze, and celebrated as he crossed the finish line.

“My brother (The Freeze) is a legend,” he tweeted. “Thank God I had a head start. Almost blew out both my hamstrings. Haven’t ran like that in a minute.”

Curran fared better than most opponents of The Freeze. The Freeze, in a mid-game promotion, challenges fans to races on the warning track at games. Usually, he gives the fans a considerable head start and he flags them down before the finish line. Curran got a head start, and it was all he needed.

Curran had a strong career at Georgia, and as a pro.

At Georgia, Curran had 6.5 sacks and 298 total tackles in 3 seasons. As a pro, he played for the Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 3 seasons. He also played in the CFL for 3 seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos and BC Lions.