Dick Vitale and Seth Greenberg have gotten wind of John Calipari’s comments from Thursday about a need to upgrade facilities at Kentucky, and the ESPN analysts have come to the UK coach’s defense.

Vitale even called UK football coach Mark Stoops “too sensitive” when he took issue with Calipari’s comments when he said, “This is a basketball school. Alabama is a football school. So is Georgia. No disrespect to our football team. I hope they win 10 games and go to bowls. But this is a basketball school.”

It was Stoops who countered this way: “Basketball school? I thought we competed in the SEC?” and added the hashtag “4 straight postseason wins.”

Vitale pointed out that Calipari even pointed out the recent success of the football program. “Facts r facts BBN is hoops crazy.”

Greenberg, meanwhile, said the practice facility is “antiquated. It’s not one of the top 50 in the country,” and what Calipari said was the truth. “It’s time for the (UK athletics) administration to reinvest in the basketball facilities.”