The Kentucky Wildcats are one of only a couple of SEC teams not favored to win their bowl game, as they take on a tough Penn State team.

That Citrus Bowl matchup will be a fun one to watch on New Year’s Day, but the Wildcats aren’t predicted to win by many.

ESPN’s Chris “Bear” Fallica, though, thinks differently. In fact, he said that combining Josh Allen on defense and Benny Snell Jr. on offense will make the Wildcats a formidable foe (via 247Sports):

“That defense I think is going to cause a lot of problems for Trace McSorely and that Penn State offense,” Fallica said. “Josh Allen is a guy who can get after the quarterback and rush the passer, the secondary is very good. Penn State’s offensive line has struggled in pass pro at times this year.

“And don’t you love the fact that Benny Snell is playing, ‘I want to play in this game, it means the world to play in a bowl game like this. They want to finish off a pretty successful season. No one would have thought before the year Kentucky would be in a Jan. 1 bowl game. Had a chance to maybe get to the SEC Championship Game.”

Stopping QB Trace McSorley won’t be easy, but the Wildcats’ defense has been stout all year long.

Tune in to ABC at 1 p.m. Eastern time on New Year’s Day to see if the Wildcats can pull off the upset.