Only in America, and especially the SEC, can a major blunder by a football player lead to a clothing store offering a discount using a rival coach’s name.

That’s the case this week at Carriages Fine Clothier in Baton Rouge, which is offering all shoes 20 percent off in wake of LSU’s last-second 37-34 win over Florida in The Swamp.

The game, of course, turned when LSU was stopped on third down late in the game, but after Marco Wilson tackled Kole Taylor, and celebrated the stop by taking one of Taylor’s shoes and tossing it some 20 yards down the field. That drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and LSU a new set of downs.

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To take advantage of 20 percent off, customers must ask for the “Dan Mullen Discount.”

It turned out to be the best win of the season for LSU and an inexplicable loss for Florida, which seemed out of sorts for much of the game. Even before the shoe incident, Florida didn’t help itself with three turnovers in the first half that led to 10 points and a 24-17 deficit.