Ed Orgeron and LSU faced some tough questions in recent weeks as the defending national champions got off to a rough start.

Following surprising losses to Mississippi State and Missouri during the first three weeks of the season, the Tigers had plenty of doubters heading into the South Carolina game but the Tigers came out and earned their biggest win of the season on Saturday night, beatin the Gamecocks 52-24.

Here are some of the highlights of Coach O’s postgame press conference.

Orgeron on the difference tonight for LSU:

“I think it was the way we practice, everyone had enough. We were not playing well, shooting ourselves in the foot, making mistakes. I think we made tremendous strides on the goal line. We practiced goal line, learned some new stuff. I think on defense, the guys worked very hard.”

Orgeron on T.J. Finley’s performance, does that lead to any controversy in Baton Rouge with Myles Brennan out?

“There might be on y’alls part. Everybody is just yearning for it, I can feel it but it won’t be on our part, I’ll tell you that,” Orgeron said. “Myles is our starting quarterback. T.J. did a great job.

“I don’t know when Myles is going to be ready, Myles is going to be our starting quarterback. I do know this, if Myles ain’t doing well, I can put in T.J. and feel good about it.”

On if this was LSU’s most complete game of the season:

“Yes, I do believe that,” Orgeron said. “Still some things to get better at, we’ll play better teams down the road. We put some stuff on film some guys are going to figure out, we’ve got to fix it fast.”

On the defense and Bo Pelini needing this peformance:

“He’s been great, he handled it. He hasn’t blinked at all,” Orgeron said. “Coach has been a veteran. He coached hard this week, he loves LSU, he loves being here.

“Like I told you, I believe in Coach Pelini but there are some things we have to shore up. There are some things we have to execute. We have some great ideas, we just have to make sure our players can do it.”

You can watch Orgeron’s entire South Carolina postgame press conference below, courtesy of LSU: