Every week, Les Miles addresses the local media on Monday afternoons. One thing Miles was excited about this week was the performance of his freshmen. He pointed out that 16 true freshmen played and four scored touchdowns. He also touched on quarterback Anthony Jennings’ play, saying that he’s played well but needs to continue to get better.

Here are some of his notable remarks from this Monday’s press conference.

On the atmosphere at renovated Tiger Stadium

Saturday night in Tiger Stadium was very special.  Felt like the crowd was just what we wanted it to be. When you walk into that stadium, and now you enter it with two huge JumboTrons, the decibel level cranked up about ten notches. It’s always been special and it’s spectacular now. Again it’s a magnificent site.”

On the freshmen

“We played what was 16 true freshmen, four freshmen scored touchdowns, our top two rushers were freshmen, and the freshmen accounted for six passes and two sacks and 17 tackles.

“As soon as you get a young guy on the field and you have him have on‑field in‑game experiences, it drives home the teaching point that you have in an every‑week practice schedule. This was a game where a lot of our youth came to grow up.”

On the offensive line’s performance

“Offensive line played better. We played a number of guys.  It was kind of nice to see young Andy Dodd play a very role to center spot. Our center, Ethan Pocic, got a little nicked, and good news is he will return this week. But Andy got a half and that was really good for him, certainly good for us to see him respond that way.”


“So ULM, they are 2‑0. They played a very capable Wake Forest team and a very capable Idaho team. I watched that film when we got it and I can tell you that Todd Berry is doing a great job there. They are athletic.  They are very capable. If you look back not too long ago, they beat our Arkansas team that was nationally ranked and several years ago, the Monroe team beat Alabama. We are so warned and we recognize and respect that opponent. We will prepare for their best efforts.”

On Anthony Jennings’ performance through two games

“Well, I think he’s done the things that we would expect him to do. I think he can play better. I think to compare him with other quarterbacks is certainly not fair.  It’s really the things that we’re going to ask him to do and he needs to do those. I think his focus is that. That’s what we want it to be. We continuously make the point that the opinion that’s worthwhile is the opinion that’s derived from that building that we live and work in. I think that he’s done a great job to this point and I think he needs to continue to improve.”

Also of note

  • Senior center Elliott Porter will start at center on Saturday as he returns from a two-game suspension.
  • Malachi Dupre is feeling healthier, and Miles is “going to have to get him on the field.”
  • Miles expects freshman OLB Clifton Garrett to get plenty of playing time this Saturday and going forward.
  • Fullback Connor Neighbors will go from playing with a heavy cast – or “club” – on his hand, which will be replaced by a more “very mobile” and “agile” cast.