The Dallas Cowboys struggled on Sunday without star RB Ezekiel Elliott, losing to the Atlanta Falcons 27-7 in Atlanta.

Former Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott didn’t have his best game, either, leading to him taking some criticism on Twitter after the game.

However, when Philadelphia Eagles’ writer Howard Eskin ripped Prescott’s performance, WR Cole Beasley quickly jumped to his teammate’s defense. Eskin’s original criticism can be seen below:

Beasley used some strong language in defending Prescott, saying he is “that dude” and that Eskin shouldn’t say such things about the Dallas quarterback:

Once he learned Eskin was a Philadelphia-based writer, he only solidified his defense of the quarterback, saying Prescott has been great since Day One:

Indeed, it was Prescott, not Elliott, who won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last year. However, if the Cowboys are going to overcome Elliott’s loss, they’ll need Prescott to have some huge games down the stretch.