Missouri QB Kelly Bryant didn’t finish the Kentucky game because of a hamstring injury that he grabbed while running out of bounds in the first half. The Tigers have had a bye week since that game, but coach Barry Odom gave an ominous update about Bryant.

During his regular Tuesday press conference, Odom said if the game were today, Bryant would not play, but that he’s a fast healer and the injury is considered day to day.

“He was anxious during practice today to do a lot more,” Odom said. “So we kind of edged it on and had him do more than maybe I anticipated going into today. He’ll do more tomorrow and then we’ll take it from there.”

Bryan was 10-for-19 passing against UK for 130 yards and a TD. He had eight carries, but lost four yards. Taylor Powell relieved Bryant, and was 4-for-10 passing in the 29-7 loss, for 34 yards.

“You look at any position, but especially that one, you’ve got to make sure there’s enough reps spread out that the next guy up can go in and has been trained well enough through the week to go prepare,” Odom said. “The benefit for us is we had last week that we got a ton of reps for Taylor in that situation, not knowing where we would get to. But also Kelly’s going to get a number of reps too, because I think he, after I saw what I did today, it could be a lot better tomorrow, probably going to be ready to go.”