Former Mizzou QB Drew Lock started a handful of games for the Denver Broncos during the 2020 season.

Ahead of the 2021 season, though, he is locked in a starting QB battle with Teddy Bridgewater, who the Broncos brought in this offseason.

Still, after a practice on Tuesday, Lock told reporters that his confidence is high heading into his second professional season (via Pro Football Talk):

“There’s just a lot that went into this whole offseason that I think after the first couple weeks, we’re going to start seeing grow, and grow, and grow — including my confidence,” Lock said during his press conference. “My confidence is high right now, but that’s just because we’re in practice. I’m just excited about where this is going. I see a lot of things that we’re building on, so to say, we get to focus on some minor details now where maybe last year [we were] focusing on some bigger-picture things. I think that will help us be 10-times better in the long run.”

Broncos reporter Ryan O’Halloran tweeted that it seems to be a dead heat right now. In 11-on-11 drills, neither Lock nor Bridgewater threw interceptions. Lock also had 3 touchdown passes:

This is going to be a battle all summer long, so we’ll see who eventually emerges as the team’s starter.