Ohio lawmakers are trying to correct the record about the 2010 Ohio State football season in light of current legislation and regulations about name, image and likeness.

Now that student athletes can receive compensation in all college sports, the Buckeyes should rightfully have that season restored in the history books, the Ohio House 134th General Assembly stated.

Ohio House lawmakers have adopted a resolution to urge the NCAA to restore the vacated wins/records from the 2010 Ohio State football season in light of “the NCAA hav[ing] adopted laws and policies allowing student athletes to receive compensation in connection with their NIL,” Dan Greene reported.

“Whereas, the 2010 Ohio State University football team produced a top-five all-time passer (Terrelle Pryor), a top-five career all-time receiver (DeVier Posey), a top-ten career all-time rusher (Daniel ‘Boom’ Herron), and an All-American (Mike Adams); now therefore be it … Resolved, That we, the members of the 134th General Assembly of the State of Ohio, urge the National Collegiate Athletics Association to restore the vacated wins and records from the 2010 football season of the Ohio State University; and be it further … Resolved, that the Clerk of the House of Representatives shall transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the news media of Ohio.”

This is not the first effort related to the 2010 season. Five former Ohio State football players who were involved in the scandal in 2010 over the sale of their memorabilia for cash and tattoos last summer asked for their records to be reinstated by the NCAA, The Columbus Dispatch reported.