Lane Kiffin addressed the media after Ole Miss’ 45-20 loss to LSU.

He pinpointed what went wrong for the Rebels in their quest to win the West division. And with Alabama out to a fast start against Mississippi State and LSU looking stout after early losses, things are looking even bleaker.

Kiffin noted that poor tackling put the nail in the coffin on defense, while injuries didn’t help their case. He also said that the Rebels “didn’t do a lot right” on defense.

The Tigers, as Kiffin said, did do a lot well on the defensive side of the ball. He noted their pass rushers were especially dangerous all evening against an offensive line that he said has to be better and will see improvement soon.

Kiffin said the offense had trouble against Harold Perkins as well. Perkins saw a lot of time on the field, with the defense turning around as his play impressed. Perkins was as impressive as anyone on defense on either side.

Ole Miss looks to bounce back next week against Texas A&M.