Rex Ryan is not supporting Elijah Moore’s request for a trade from the New York Jets as the young wide receiver appears to be unhappy with his role on the team.

Ryan unloaded on the former Ole Miss wide receiver during a segment on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.”

“One weapon that they don’t have, guys, is Elijah Moore,” Ryan said. “When you talk about a ridiculous thing brewing. When you talk about teams, you’re not quite there. … So Elijah Moore requests a trade. After the team has won 3 straight games. This kid, what’s he played 20 games in the league already. Are you kidding? You know how hard it is to win in this league. But Elijah Moore, you need to grow up. I love the Jets, always been a fan of the Jets. My dad coached there for 8 years, I coached there forever. But this right here, I’m not a fan of yours. You need to grow up, OK, Elijah Moore, you’re watching at home. Are you kidding me, why aren’t you with your football team. Grow up. Are you kidding me? The greatest players of our sport want to win over anything else.”

Ryan encouraged Moore to get on board with the Jets, who are one of the teams on an upswing in the NFL. Ryan added that Moore is a special talent, but he needs to be part of the solution.